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    • Gotrek & Felix Timeline :
      • I am, as probably many other Warhammer “people”, a great fan of Slayer Saga. Adventures of slayer Gotrek Gurnisson and his human companion Felix Jaeger (who just tries to survive with the slayer and record his mighty doom one day). Those who haven’t read these books I recommend reading them very much. They have great background information and also good Warhammer “feeling” in them.There is always the BUT – But, when does these adventures actually occur? Well, there are many mistakes in the books because changes done by the GW during the course of time. Warhammer world and it’s history have changed since the time the original author William King started with the Trollslayer (first book) stories. I think William King actually mentioned in some forum that he could do some changes to the books when they were published again (new versions). But these changes were not done by The Black Library. Some of these mistakes are later corrected by Nathan Long in his books. Either way. I started my own little “Timeline” fan-project to but these adventures in the current Timeline. The idea is actually make MOST of the things right. So, here’s that project. Also – There isn’t really any ages given to the characters (or years they were born) so I made them myself. But there are couple of exceptions, like Gotrek. I found from various locations, that his birth-year might have been 2370, but few facts in Orcslayer make this one little difficult (check from the notes more). There is one mention about Felix age in the Orcslayer also. There he wonders how many years has he traveled and is he now actually 40 or 42. In the Elfslayer his father, Gustav, says that his age is 42. Also idea of Ulrika’s age is given in Manslayer. Some other dates (years) in the books are not that accurate either (like: “They were on their expedition some twenty-years ago…”).
  • Additional information Wikipedia : Gotrek & Felix.
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  • Gotrek & Felix Timeline (Revised)
    This timeline is my own invention and that why I call it “revised”. Original novel timeline given in White Dwarf dates Trollslayer to end of 2400 and the Chaos-invasion against Praag 2500 or 2501. Another mistake or variation is in Children of the Horned Rat (WFRP2 sourcebook) where Skaven-invasion against Nuln is told to happen in 2514.Important note! In 2004 Games Workshop published Storm of Chaos -campaign. Gotrek & Felix novels Orcslayer, Manslayer, Elfslayer, Shamanslayer and Zombieslayer are based on that event. In 2014 Games Workshop published The End Times -campaign, which reboots Storm of Chaos events. So, these books may have little different information, what happens in The End Times timeline (like Archaon’s attack to Middenheim, which doesn’t happen in 2522).
  • YEAR: (Felix Age) EVENTS: SOURCE:
    c.2050 (-) The templar Order of the Fiery Heart gains the rune-sword Karaghul, which will become their legendary relic passed from templar to templar through centuries. Shamanslayer
    2145 (-) Battle of Hel Fenn. Manfred von Carstein, the last Vampire Count of Sylvania, is destroyed along with his Undead hordes. Gurni Grimmson, Gotrek’s father, is with the Empire forces. Charnel Congress
    22XX (-) Borek Forkbeard (or Scholar) is born in Karag Dum. Daemonslayer

    (-) Many Dwarfs flee from the hold of Karag Dum (located in the Chaos Wastes) to the south. Later on young Borek and his brother Varig bring last message from Karag Dum to the south. During this time hold is under siege leaded by Skathloc Ironclaw. Chaos Champion who summons The Terror, Bloodthirster of Khorne. Daemonslayer
    23XX (-) Malakai, son of Makai, is born in Dwimmerdim Vale. The Slayer Gazetteer
    23XX (-) Snorri Nosebiter is born. The Slayer Gazetteer
    2370 (-) Gotrek, son of Gurni, is born. The Slayer Gazetteer, White Dwarf
    (-) Gotrek is raised in the corridors of Karaz-a-Karak. He is originally trained to become Engineer? The Slayer Gazetteer, Manslayer
    2430 (-) Gotrek teams up with Hamnir Ranulfsson, prince of of Karak Hirn. Pair adventures around the Old World working as mercenaries. Orcslayer
    2448 (-) Grim Winter. Snorri Nosebiter is with Gurni Grimmson’s warband chasing orcs in the High Passes. It is winter and extremely cold. One Dwarf, Forgast Gaptooth, looses his fingers to the cold (he also later becomes Slayer). Giantslayer
    2455 (-) Boyar Ivan Petrovich Straghov is born.
    2460 (-) Big Heinz, mercenary halberdier and later innkeeper in Nuln, is born.
    c.2465 (-) Gotrek Gurnisson and Snorri Nosebiter meet first time and become good friends. Either is Slayer yet. Zombieslayer
    (-) Gotrek joins Prince Vastariens Vastarien’s Vanquishers? Warhawk
    2471 (-) Maximillian “Max” Schreiber is born.
    2476 (-) Otto Jaeger, son of Gustav & Renata Jaeger, is born.
    (-) Gotrek and Hamnir work as mercenaries and meet young mercenary Halberdier Big Heinz and also Hugo (later inkeeper in Wurtbad). They all serve in same army. During Orc invasion Hamnir tries to save the entire library of Count Moragio. Gotrek and Hamnir have some argument during mercenary mission in Tilea. This ends their friendship. Orcslayer, Manslayer, Charnel Congress
    (0) Felix Jaeger, son of Gustav & Renate Jaeger, is born. Orcslayer, Elfslayer
    2483 (3) Gotrek takes a wife (Helga) and retires from mercenary work. He continues his engineering career. Gotrek and Helga move to village near Skull River. They soon have a daughter Gurna (“the little one”). Kinslayer
    2484 (4) Dwarf Faragrim and Templar Raphael from the Order of the Fiery Heart, and the wielder of the famous sword Karaghul, adventure deep in the Karak Eight Peaks. They are part of the expeditions sent by the King Belegar, ruler of the Karak Eight Peaks currently. Templar Raphael is killed by a horrible Chaos Troll and his sword Karaghul is lost. Faragrim escapes and is so shocked by the experience that he leaves Karak Eight Peaks. Trollslayer: The Dark Beneath the World
    2486 (6) Gotrek Gurnisson joins up with Loremaster Borek Forkbeards group persuaded by Snorri Nosebiter, who also joins the expedition. Expedition’s goal is to reach lost dwarfen citadel in Chaos Wastes (Karag Dum). They make friends with Ivan Straghov, March Warden in Troll Country. Expedition fails and only survivors are Borek, Snorri and Gotrek. During their return voyage Gotrek gets separated from Borek and Snorri in a Warpstorm. Gotrek stumbles in a cave where he founds the dead son of King Thangrim Firebeard and his magical battle-axe (“Runemaster’s Axe”). Dragonslayer, Kinslayer
    (6) Ulrika Magdova Straghov, daughter of Ivan Petrovich Straghov, is born. Manslayer
    2488- (8-) Gotrek’s family is killed at the Skull River. After that Gotrek has argument with Dwarf thane, which leads to the death of Dwarfs. Because Gotrek is now kinslayer, he shaves his head and becomes slayer. Beastslayer, Kinslayer
    2489- (9-) Gotrek, King Ungrim Ironfist and Dwarfs “Old” Grimscour, Kromsson, Falnirsson and Stonechewer fight the Greenskin horde of Bashrak “the Gitsnippa” on a skybridge near Karak Ungor. All, except Gotrek and Ungrim, die. This is the beginning of Gotrek’s and Ungrim’s grudge, because of a oath that Gotrek made for the Queen Kemma Ironfist. When they return to Karak Kadrin Ungrim has Gotrek thrown into prison. Later Gotrek makes daring escape through the storm flues. Road of Skulls
    (9-22) The Battle of Cragmere, near the sundered Dwarf hold of Karak Varn. Here legendary Dwarfs Gotrek Gurnisson, Josef Bugman and Grombrindal (the White Dwarf) meet and face the numberless horde of Greenskins and foul Chaos Beastmen with Dwarf army of just hundred or so Dwarfs. WD330
    2490 (10) Felix and Otto Jaeger’s adventure in the haunted house by the river. Giantslayer
    2491 (11) Felix and Otto Jaeger’s mother, Renata Jaeger, dies. Trollslayer
    c.2492 (12) Gustav Jaeger sends private letter to his associate Ulfgang Euler. They make arrangements to move merchandise between the Empire – Marienburg and avoid Imperial tariffs. Elfslayer
    2494 (14) Altdorf girl Mara Gosthoff let’s Felix to kiss her at a Sonnstill Day dance. Elfslayer
    2495- (15-) Wizard Maximillian Schreiber (Light Order Magister) is expelled from the Imperial College of Magicians for showing an unhealty interest in Chaos. He leaves Altdorf and travels to Marienburg. Elfslayer
    2496 (16) Kat (Katerina), later a slayer of beasts, is born. Trollslayer: Blood and Darkness, Shamanslayer
    2500 (20) Wizard Maximillian Schreiber founds a sympathetic sponsor for his research in the form of the Elector Count of Middenheim. He also joins the Golden Brotherhood (Order dedicated to fighting Chaos). Daemonslayer, Dragonslayer
    (20) Felix is a student in the University of Altdorf. He is also trained in the fighting skill in the Arms Houses of Altdorf’s Sword Masters. He trains Liechtenaur, single-sword style. Giantslayer, Marriage of Moment
    2501 (21) Felix, student and known poet, has a duel with Wolfgang Krassner and kills him. He is expelled from the University. This causes argument with his father Gustav Jaeger and Felix leaves home. Trollslayer
    (21) Loremaster Borek travels to Middenheim and meets up with wizard Maximillian Schreiber. They discuss about protective magic. Those two travel/adventure together some years. Loremaster Borek starts planning new expedition to Karag Dum. Daemonslayer
    2502 (22) Gustav Jaeger takes his sons Felix and Otto to see Karl Franz coronation as the Emperor. Slayer
    (22) Altdorf Press publishes Anthology of New Imperial Poetry – Gottliebs Anthology. It includes Felix poetry in Reikspiel, not Classical. Later date, Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson pulls Felix, now radical agitator and still a poet, out from under the hooves of the Reiksguard Cavarly during the “Window Tax March” in Konigsplatz near the statue of Emperor Wilhelm. After that Gotrek hacks his way to their mutual escape. Later in the “Axe and Hammer” tavern Felix swears to follow the dwarf, for saving his life, and record slayers death. Felix becomes Gotrek’s “Rememberer”. Trollslayer, Elfslayer
    (22) Gotrek & Felix visit the Altdorf Zoo before they leave the city. Among the denizens what they see is a Griffon. Road of Skulls
    (22) The Battle of Red Orc Pass. Halberdier Captain, and mercenary friend of Gotrek and Hamnir, Big Heinz is being stamped on by a Bretonnian charger. This ends his soldier career. Skavenslayer, Manslayer
    (22) Gotrek & Felix investigate strange goings on in the Reikwald Forest, near Bögenhafen. They discover Slaanesh and wipe out entire Slaanesh Cult. Trollslayer: Geheimnisnacht
    (22) Gotrek and Felix head to south to the Karak Eight Peaks in a search of lost gold told by the Dwarf Faragrim. Faragrim left the Karak Eight Peaks 18 years ago shocked by the experience that happened to him in the deep. Gotrek & Felix meet Faragrim at Nuln where he tells them about the lost treasures of the Karak Eight Peaks. They end up joining with followers of exiled Baron Gottfried von Diehl who are travelling south through the Black Mountains. The vast majority of the Gottfried von Diehl expedition is wiped out in a huge Goblinoid attack, and Baron himself is assassinated. Gotrek and Felix end up Border Princes. Trollslayer: Wolf Riders
    2503 (23) In Border Princes Gotrek & Felix join Templar Aldrer “Fellblade” Keppler, from the Order of the Fiery Heart, to retrieve the holy sword Karaghul from the Karag Eight Peaks. Templar Alrdred, and his companions, are killed. Felix takes the sword Karaghul. After this Gotrek & Felix return to the Empire. Trollslayer: The Dark Beneath the World
    (23) Pair travels to Wurtbad to meet Old Hugo, owner of “Hugo’s Tavern” and old mercenary friend of Gotrek’s. During the visit Necromancer Ernst Schtillman kidnaps Hugo’s daughter Elsa and Gotrek & Felix join small group of hunters that track necromancer. In Hel Fenn Sctillman is finally captured. But before his dead, the Necromancer resurrects Mannfred von Carstein. Later in Wurtbad Gotrek & Felix must battle Mannfred. During the fight “Hugo’s Tavern” burn along with parts of town. Charnel Congress, WFB: Vampire Counts
    (23) Gotrek & Felix travel to Karak Kadrin “Slayer Keep”. There is a massive Chaos Incursion in the Peak Pass from the Dark Lands, lead by Exalted Chaos Champion Garmr “Gorewulf” Hrodvitnir (also known as Garmr Kinslayer, Garmr Childeater, Garmr Tribekiller). Among his ranks are marauders from Norsca and Chaos Wastes. His ranks include powerful Chaos Champions Ekaterina Maria Anastasia Olgcheck, Sword-Maiden of Praag; and Hrolf Wyrdulf, Prince of the Vargs and Promised Son of the Witch-Moon; and Canto Unsworn. Also there is Chaos Dwarf Khorreg Hell-Worker with his Hellcannons and Chaos Sorcerer Grettir Many-Eyes (Garmr’s cousin). Dwarfs are lead by Slayer King Ungrim Ironfist, his son War-mourner Garagrim Ironfist and king’s closest advisor (and Heartwarden) Snorri Thungrimsson. Road of Skulls
    (23) Gotrek & Felix head to Wolfenburg. There they meet Aldrich Berthold who hires them to join him in his journey to the Star Hall, is family estate in the Middle Mountains. Berthold’s Beard
    (23) Gotrek & Felix continue their adventures in the Drakwald area. In one of their adventures they come to butchered village where they meet first time Kat, who will be adopted later by the Messner family in Flensburg. Kat becomes then Katerina Messner Trollslayer: Blood and Darkness, The Mark of Slaanesh, Ulric’s Children; Shamanslayer
    (23) Gotrek & Felix travel south towards Nuln. Trollslayer: The Mutant Master; The Contest
    (23) Retired Halberdier Captain, and mercenary friend of Gotrek and Hamnir, Big Heinz starts his tavern “Blind Pig” in Nuln. Skavenslayer, Manslayer
    2504 (24) Grey Seer Thanquol’s (Skaven) great plot to plunge Empire into anarchy is thwarted by heroes Gotrek & Felix in Nuln. Skavenslayer, FoN, CotHR, WoM
    2505 (25) Gotrek & Felix join Loremaster Borek’s expedition with Slayer Snorri Nosebiter. They use airship build by infamous Slayer-Engineer Malakai Makaisson. Expedition travels first to Middenheim and is joined by Wizard Maximilllian Schreiber. After this they travel to Kislev to March Boyar Straghov’s keep in Troll Country, and then head to the dreaded Chaos Wastes to find lost Dwarf hold Karag Dum. This happens during the spring and the summer. Daemonslayer
    (25) Gotrek & Felix, and Loremaster Borek’s expedition, returns from the Chaos Wastes and finally end up to Dwarf hold of Karak Kadrin in the World’s Edge Mountains. From there they start journey back to Kislev by foot, but go hunting Corrupted (Chaos?) Dragon Skjalandir on the way. This happens during the summer. Dragonslayer
    (25) There is uprising in the Skaven lair of Hellpit. This is caused by the Lurk Snitchtongue, Warp changed Skaven. Beastslayer
    (25) Great Chaos army attacks Praag leaded by champion of Tzeentch Arek Demonclaw. With Arek there is also powerful twin sorcerers Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Golderod. Fight is joined by two heroes: Gotrek & Felix and their companions in the autumn. During this invasion the Duke of Praag is Enrik Kozinski. Beastslayer, The Anthology: Prophecy
    (25) Gustav (younger) Jaeger, son of Otto & Annabella Jaeger, is born. Manslayer
    2506 (26) Gotrek & Felix (with companions) continue their travels to Sylvania. Vampireslayer
    (26) Powerful twin sorcerers Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Golderod open the way to the Old Ones magical Gateways. This causes large effects in the world, which can be felt especially in the Ulthuan. Mighty Elven Loremaster Teclis notices these effects. Giantslayer
    (26) After Sylvania Gotrek & Felix (with companion) continue to Albion using Old Ones magical Gateway. There they meet Loremaster Teclis and face again powerful twin sorcerers Kelmain Blackstaff and Lhoigor Golderod. Giantslayer
    (27-29) Gotrek & Felix remain/adventure in Albion until they get a ship back to the Empire? Giantslayer
    -(2521) (27-41) After Siege of Praag and the return from the Sylvania, Slayer Snorri Nosebiter joins bountyhunter and beastslayer Rag Neck Ruchendorf’s unit. Snorri searches Gotrek & Felix for three years, but then believes Gotrek has finally found his doom. During this time he kills Beast-Lord in the forests of Ostermark and makes record making kill of Beastmen (90 Beastmen in three days alone). Few persons that know him, believe that he has disappeared in the Middle Mountains while hunting Beastmen. Sometime during his adventures Snorri believes to save the life of a old lady in the woods from Giant Spiders. In truth he actually kills womans guardian spiders. This lady later heals poisoned Snorri and also foretells that he will not meet his doom for many years. And that he will have great destiny. This is actually curse, what dementic Snorri will not remember for years. Kinslayer, Shamanslayer, The Anthology: A Cask of Wynters
    2509 (29) Gotrek & Felix are travelling back to Altdorf from Marienburg. They save Henkin Warsch from corrupted monastery. The Anthology: A Place of Quiet Assembly
    (29) Gotrek & Felix are back in Altdorf, maybe to bring/leave Felix notes/books/diaries to his brother Otto Jaegar. They probably do not actually meet Otto, because in Manslayer Felix hears about his nephew first time and Felix don’t visit his father either based on the Elfslayer. Also their stay is probably very brief according to information in Elfslayer. Warhawk
    (29) Gotrek & Felix hunt Nurgle cultist Luipold Gunda from Altdorf to Middenheim. During the Geheimnisnacht Luipold has plan to summon Daemon named Pharo’sla. The Anthology: Last Orders
    2512 (32) Gotrek & Felix come to the town of Oberwald, where numerous ripper attacks have occured lately. This brutal murderer is named “The Oberwald Ripper”. Felix, pretending to be Max Schreiber, is accused from being the ripper. The Oberwald Ripper
    2513 (33) Great beastman herd destroys the village of Flensburg. Messner family is killed. Kat (Katerina Messner) survives this attack, because is out on a long patrol. She is currently serving in the duke’s rangers. Shamanslayer
    (33) Gotrek & Felix travel Ostermark and to the dreaded Mordheim. City of the Damned
    (33) Gotrek & Felix travel from the Empire to the Bretonnia. On their way they stop in the Gisoreux Gap and visit local fighting arena. Blood Sport
    (33) Gotrek & Felix are in Sartosa, Tilean port town, when huge Skaven invasion starts. The Anthology: The Tilean’s Talisman
     2514 (34) Gotrek & Felix chase monster known as the Whisperer of Hayesh to the south and finally into the cost of the Gulf of Araby. From there they travel to the lands of Khemri Red Snow
    (34) As the Gotrek & Felix travel through the Border Princes, a drunken night coupled with Gotrek’s dwarfish lust for gold leads to him agreeing to a marriage – for Felix. With a halfling. Gotrek is determined that this will be a “marriage of moment”, allowing an unamused Felix to abandon his diminutive wife afterwards. But they end up facing mysterious monster-god called Jabas. Marriage of Moment
    (34) Gotrek & Felix travel to Karak Azgal to find the White Widow, huge albino cave spider deep in the reaches of fallen Karak Azgal. They meet Slayer Agnar Arvastsson and his rememberer Henrik Daschke from Talabheim. The Anthology: Slayers Honor
    (34) Gotrek & Felix trek into the dark lands in the service of Karak Azul. Red Snow
    (34) Gotrek & Felix travel to the far north, in the border of the Chaos Wastes. From there they face Chaos Dwarfs. Realm of Chaos: The Lost and The Damned
    -(25XX) (34-XX) Gotrek decides to travel to far Cathay. Gotrek & Felix join Arabyan-caravan that is travelling across the Mountains of Mourn. They meet famous Kislevian author Anya Nitikin and her sister. Their adventures continue in the Cathay and Ind? Red Snow, The Anthology: Kineater
    2515 (35) Altdorf Press publishes “Felix Jaegar from My Travels With Gotrek (First Episodes)”. This is done by Otto Jaeger without Felix permission. There is mistake in the publishing year, which in the book is 2505. One common mistake this creates is that people believe Felix claims to have meet Vampire Count Mannfred von Carstein in Drakenhof Castle in the year 2505.
    (35) The Skaven burrow of Fester Spike is attacked by a Dwarf expidition seeking to reclaim one of the lost Hammers of Valaya. Grey Seer Thanquol attempts to summon a Vermin Lord of the Horned Rat. Instead, he mistakenly conjours the legion of the Bloodthirster, Skarbrand, which then rampages through both Dwarf and Skaven armies. Blood runs in swift rivers as Thanquol makes a timely escape. WFB: Daemons of Chaos
    (XX-41) Gotrek & Felix travel to Araby and from there back to Old World again. Redhand’s Daughter, Orcslayer
    (XX-41) Gotrek & Felix learn about “The Lurking Horror” in Sartosa from Arabyan pirate. They travel to Araby and hunt down the Horror finally to the Ras Karim. In there they are captured by local ruler and Gotrek must battle in the arena. Later they are part revolution force. From there they continue to search the Horror. The Anthology: The Two Crowns of Ras Karim
    2521 (41) Gustav Jaeger’s long time associate from Marienburg, Ulfgang Euler, dies. His son Hans Euler takes business. Elfslayer
    (41) Snorri “Father Rustskull” Nosebiter is in Averland and joins mission to free fallen Dwarf brewery of Olgep Wynters (brewery fall during the time of The Third Black Fire Pass Battle). In the group is Slayer Grudi Halfhand (former Master-Brewer Grudi Wynters from the brewery), and Knights of the Black Bear: Volg “the Voluminous” Staalh (leader of the expedition, Angmar of Nordland, Kislevite Grim Hogan and Wastelander Flanders Drahl. The Anthology: A Cask of Wynters
    2522 (42) Gotrek & Felix return to Old World in Barak Varr, Border Princes area, which is under a siege (Greenskins). They join expedition to free Dwarf hold Karak Hirn, which has been taken by the Orcs. Orcslayer
    (42) After Karak Hirn Gotrek & Felix return to the Empire and travel to Nuln. Felix meets his brother Otto Jaeger and discovers that he has published his former stories (and also meets his nephew Gustav first time). Manslayer
    (42) Gotrek & Felix meet Engineer Malakai Makaisson in Nuln (he has been made professor). Makaisson is getting ready to transport guns to north with his airship. Gotrek & Felix get ready go along with Makaisson to north to fight Chaos forces, but they are all stuck in the Nuln, because a series of nasty accidents. Gotrek & Felix must discover truth behind these accidents, which are sabotage against the Empires war-efforts to help fight against the Chaos horde. Manslayer
    (42) Gotrek & Felix cause partly huge fire in the Shantytown, Nuln, when fighting cultists. Part of the district is burned down. Also Blind Pig tavern, Big Heinz (now “Old Heinz”) place, is burned down. Gotrek gives money to rebuild the place. Manslayer
    (42) Storm of Chaos. Dementic slayer Snorri Nosebiter fights in the battles of Chaos Incursion against Kislev and the Empire. Old Slayer doesn’t anymore remember why he became Slayer (his shame). Younger Slayers call him “Father Rustskull”. Shamanslayer
    (42) Gotrek & Felix end up to Altdorf, again. Ten days after they arrive, news come from the north that northmen have retreated and the siege is lifted. War is over. Gotrek & Felix remain in Altdorf for two months. Felix visits his father, Gustav Jaeger, first time in twenty years. Elfslayer
    (42) Father of Felix and Otto Jaeger, Gustav Jaeger, is killed by Skaven assassin. Elfslayer, Shamanslayer
    (42) Gotrek & Felix meet Wizard Maximillian Schreiber (Light Order Magister) and his companions. They join Wizards in a mission eventually ending to the Marienburg and from there to open sea to hunt down old Elven artifact. Elfslayer, Slayer of the Storm God
    (42) Graf Falken Reiklander, cousin of Karl Franz, returns to Castle Reikguard from the Storm of Chaosgravely wounded and with only one third of his men. Its the end of Ulriczeit (11th month). Zombieslayer
    (42) Two months later from their last adventure, winter has come, Gotrek & Felix return to Altdorf. Felix learns the death of his father and meets with his brother Otto. Then heroes meet old templar and librarian of the Order of the Fiery Heart sir Theobalt von Dreschler and his squire Ortwin Wielhaler. Sir Theobalt has come to reclaim the sword Karaghul back to his order, from which fate he has learned from the novels written by Felix. But little later he realises that heroes maybe useful for his mission and grants Felix stewardship to Karaghul and asks their help. During their adventure Gotrek & Felix meet up with Kat (Katerina Messner), slayer of beasts, again. Later group also meets dementic old Snorri “Father Rustskull” Nosebiter. Shamanslayer
    2523 (43) At the dawn of a new year, Hexenstag, Gotrek & Felix with their companions and troops from both Reikland and Talabecland fight huge Beastman Horde at the Tarnhalt’s Crown (The Barren Hills). Just after this their guide, Hans the Hermit, suddenly raises all the death and has created even greater army of the death. Remains of the defenders of the Empire must rally to the Castle Reikguard where the army of the dead is following them. Later is revealed that the mighty necromancer is actually dreaded Heinrich Kemmler who wants to attack the Altdorf itself. Among his army of the dead is the undead champion Krell. Because Graf Reiklander cannot act as commander the commanders of the Castle Reikguard are now General Taalman Nordling and Steward Bardolf von Geldrecht. Leader of the remaining Talabecland knights is Rutger von Volgen, vassal of Count Feurbach of Talabecland. The relief force from Altdorf is lead by General Horst von Uhland (Reiksguard). With the relief force is also Dominic Reiklander (Pistolier and the son of Graf Reiklander), twins Father Marnalt (Priest of Morr) and Wizard Marhalt (Amethyst Order Magister) and also Wizard Maximillian Schreiber. Zombieslayer
    (43) Gotrek & Felix hunt down cursed Liche Pragarti to the Kutenholz. There they also meet Vampire Ulrika. The Anthology: The Funeral of Gotrek Gurnisson
    (43) Felix, Gotrek, Katerina “Kat” Messner and Snorri travel to Karak Kadrin. In there Felix and Kat are married in a Grimnir’s shrine by a priest of Slayer cult. Gotrek gives their rings as his parting gift and presents Kat to Felix. After this Snorri and Gotrek remain in Karak Kadrin. Felix and Kat return to Altdorf. Felix brother Otto takes both of them to his house. Kinslayer
    (43) Felix nephew, Gustav Jaegar, is send to Badenhof, Ostermark, to oversee family business there. Kinslayer
    (43) Vampire Ulrika Magdova Straghov is in the Troll Country, on Lahmian business, as the war really starts. She helps Ungol Damir and his people to leave their lands as more and more marauders keep coming. Damir becomes Ulrika’s servant. Kinslayer
    2524 (44) Once infamous poet, political radical, writer and adventurer Felix Jaeger is now living in Altdorf with his wife Katerina “Kat” Messner. They live in Otto Jaegers, Felix brother, house. Jaegar and Sons -company is important supplier for the Empire forces. Felix Jaeger is also now famous writer, “war-hero” and writer of war propaganda for the request of Reiksmarshal himself. In his free-time Felix maps Altdorf sewer-systems for any Skaven presence. Kinslayer
    (44) Before the Auric Bastion is fully risen Gotrek travels to Kislev to defend the City of Kislev from the northern marauders. Snorri Nosebiter is left in the Karak Kadrin to regain his memory with a priest of Grimnir Skalf Hammertoes and Daemonslayer Durin Drakkvarr. Snorri’s head nails are taken off. Also he gets new metallic leg for his lost leg. He starts to get his memory back bit by bit. Later slayer Krakki Ironhame convinces many slayers (including Snorri, Durin and Skalf) to join him to go to cursed city of Praag using underground passages. Kinslayer
    (44) After rise of Nagash vampire Ulrika Magdova Straghov leaves her mentor Countess Gabrielle von Nachthafen for vampire Vlad von Carstein (resurrected by Nagash). Kinslayer
    (44) Later in the year Auric Bastion collapses in many places. Alderfen is one of them. In Alderfen Wizard Maximillian Schreiber falls prisoner of the Chaos forces, when the village falls. He is soon captured by the minions of the Troll King Throgg, the King of Praag, and taken to Praag. Vampire Ulrika Magdova Straghov, also general among the Imperial forces, learns the fall of Alderfen and the fate of Wizard Maximillian Schreiber. Balthasar Gelt, now minion of vampire lord Vlad von Carstein, regards Schreiber as important asset. Ulrika is asked to save the wizards by vampire lord Vlad von Carstein. He asks permission to get help from Altdorf and soon departs there with her young Ungol servant Damir. Ulrika finds Felix Jaegar and asks for his help. Kinslayer
    (44) Battle of Trzy Siostry. Felix Jaegar, vampire Ulrika and Damir, servant of Ulrika, arrive to Ostermark at the end of the year. Felix find his nephew Gustav Jaegar from Badenhof. During this time forces of Chaos Champion Aekold Helbrass cause the Auric Bastion to fall in place called Trzy Siostry (Three Sisters) where a village of Kurzycko lies (these are next to Badenhof and Castle Rackspire). Forces of Chaos attack the Imperial forces lead by General Matthias Wilhelm von Karlsdorf. Felix joins the battle because Chaos Dragon among the enemy. Also Ulrika and her master “Commandant Roch” (Vlad von Carstein) lead their undead forces against the Chaos horde. Same time Dwarfen slayer-party (including Snorri Nosebiter) advances from the hidden tunnels to village of Kurzycko fighting Beastmen herde there. During this battle Dwarfen explosives seem to kill every Dwarf and also Aekold Helbrass, but Snorri Nosebiter survives. The Imperial forces are overrun by the Chaos host. Kinslayer
    (44) After the battle of Trzy Siostry Snorri Nosebiter continues to Praag alone. Same time also forces of Ulrika, including Felix and Gustav, head to the Praag. Meanwhile in Kislev, also Gotrek is moving towards Praag with small Kislev force lead by Marszalek of Kislev, Stefan Taczak. Kinslayer
    2525 (45) Felix Jaeger, with vampire Ulrika, Damir, Gustav Jaegar and Gustav’s men arrive to Praag. During their voyage they meet up with Snorri Nosebiter and near Praag they find Gotrek and kislev warrior named Kolya. They all enter Praag fighting their way through Troll King Throgg’s minions to palace, where
    Wizard Maximillian Schreiber is held as prisoner. Final battle is fought in the palace.
    2526 (46) After a year of fighting and travelling through Kislev Gotrek & Felix, with companions, finally reach the Empire dodging northmen marauder bands. Rememberers
    2527 (47) THIS PROBABLY DIDN’T HAPPEN! Altdorf Press publishes “Felix Jaegar from My Travels With Gotrek (Vol VI)”. Orcslayer
    (47) After a year of fighting and travelling through the Northern and Eastern Empire Gotrek & Felix, with their companions, reach Hockland where they hear about the fall of Altdorf. They decide to travel to Middenheim across the Middle Mountains. They do not know that they are hunted by the Darkmaster, Be’lakor and his loyal minions. This includes seer Morzanna and a Chaos Champion Khagash-Fel and his horde. From the Middle Mountains Gotrek & Felix are finally united with their lost friend Slayer-Engineer Malakai Makaisson, when they find his secret workshop. Later they decide to find the legendary and mysterious Kazad Drengazi, which will hold the doom of Gotrek Gurnisson and the destiny that affects the entire world. Slayer
    2528 (48) THIS PROBABLY DIDN’T HAPPEN! Altdorf Press publishes “Felix Jaegar from My Travels With Gotrek (Vol VII)”. Manslayer, Elfslayer
    2529 (49) THIS PROBABLY DIDN’T HAPPEN! Altdorf Press publishes “Felix Jaegar from My Travels With Gotrek (Vol VIII)”. Shamanslayer, Zombieslayer
  • Notes About the Timeline:
    Things that are correct here:
    1): First publishing year of the Felix books is wrong. In the books it is 2505, but with this timeline adventures hardly have started in that time. But it is mentioned [Elfslayer] that when Felix actually checks his books, he notices also this mistake. Books have been published by Otto Jaeger without Felix approval [Manslayer] and probably Altdorf Press made little mistake when printing the first book, and maybe the publishing year is actually 2515 (as it is marked in the timeline). Second publishing year of Felix books is right.
    2): Karl Franz is emperor during the “Window Tax Marches”. Crowned 2502. Probably just before this accident [Trollslayer].
    3): Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz is Elector Countess and ruler of Nuln during the Skaven-invasion in 2504. Takes the title 2503. Also she is 19 years old [Skavenslayer].
    4): Leos von Liebwitz is alive and well-known deadly blade during the happenings in the Skavenslayer which happens in this timeline 2504. Maybe little young, but still. [Skavenslayer].
    5): Games Workshops WFB: 6th Edition Vampire Counts (Army Book) has small mention about Gotrek & Felix. Pair has “little” meeting with Mannfred von Carstein in 2503 (Felix records this in his journals). Bad-Old Mannfred is resurrected again during this time? This actually fits nicely in my timeline. But, in later editions of Vampire Counts, the year is now 2505. 2505 is common mistake in the published journals of Felix, so it could be mistake also that many believe that Gotrek & Felix (have claimed to) meet Mannfred von Carstein in the year 2505 and in the Drakenhof Castle, where they actually fought with another vampire, Adolphus Krieger.
    6): Genevieve novels (by Jack Yeovil): Characters are mentioned both ways. Felix Jaeger knows famous Detlef Sierck, which in here is very much possible. Drachenfels date is based original Warhammer Companion (WFRP1 Sourcebook) information:
    Detlef makes Drachenfels in 2505 and before that is allready famous for his Sigmar play (because that play he is thrown to Mundsen Keep) and probably some other plays.
    In Beast in Velvet -novel the battle of Praag is well-known. Cathay ambassadore Dien Ch’ing was in Praag and saw Gotrek there. Beast in Velvet happens 2508 winter in my timeline (in novel it is stated both three or four years after Drachenfels – I’ll go for three). So, basicly attack against Praag has just happened couple of years ago and possible in this timeline.
    Warhawk story fits here also (happens year after Beast in Velvet –novel). Gotrek & Felix are back in Altdorf after some adventuring since Albion [Giantslayer].
    7): Gotrek was member of infamous Prince Vastariens Vastarien’s Vanquishers. It is not said when this happened or how long he was among them, but Prince Vastarien died 2477, so it probably was somewhere around 2460-2477. I’ll go for 2470-2477 [Jack Yeovil’s Warhawk story].
    8): Snorri is telling about “Grim Winter” in the beginning of Giantslayer. I use year 2448 for this one, because that is one of the only harsh winters mentioned in the official source (there is mention about that in the Sigmar’s Heirs and Marienburg: Sold Down the River) [Giantslayer].
    9): Some stories, like City of the Damned are hard to fit in. Yet, for example City of the Damned is in My Travels with Gotrek, Vol.VI and it seems to happen after the attack of Azhag the Slaughterer. So, I place it to year 2513 and just before Gotrek & Felix depart from the Empire for a long time [City of the Damned].
    10): In Orcslayer and Manslayer Felix notes that he has followed Gotrek couple of decades or that some thing have happened twenty-years ago (few times actually). Well, Felix has followed Gotrek in this Timeline since 2502, so in 2522 it has been 20 years. Other things are more or less about twenty-years ago. One thing that must be noted here is that pair has been in the Empire in 2509 (Warhawk story). That may have been short visit altough. We don’t really have much details of pairs movement after Giantslayer, even many stories seem to happen between Giantslayer and Manslayer [Orcslayer, Manslayer].
    11): Gustav (younger) Jaeger is 17 years old in Manslayer (2522), and he was born year after Skaven Invasion in Nuln. So, this is now right also [Manslayer].
    12): Heinz, keeper of Blind Pig Inn in Nuln, was originally Halberdier and rose to the rank of Captain during Karl Franz’s campaigns. He retired after he was stamped on by a Bretonnian charger (leg was crushed) at the Battle of Red Orc Pass. I’ll assume his career as soldier ended right before Skavenslayer (was few years Captain during the reign of Emperor Karl-Franz) and then he started his inn. Also it seems both Gotrek and Hamnir were old companions to him and served same units even Gotrek and Hamnir were not anymore friends [Skavenslayer, Manslayer].
    13): In Manslayer Felix mentiones, that last time they saw Ulrika she was 21 or 22 years old. But it is Ulrika that mentiones actually later, that she was 19 years old. This probably was during the time of Daemon-, Dragon-, and Beastslayer [Manslayer].What is still wrong:
    1): Graf of Middenheim is Berthold Todbringer (Boris father) in 2506, not Stephan Todbringer. But also same year power changes and Boris becomes the Graf [Daemonslayer].
    Explanation: Maybe Old Boris is actually Boris Stephan Todbringer or his father is Berthold Stephan Todbringer.
    2): Ice-Queen isn’t Tzarina in 2505 (her father dies in 2517)! She is actually very young (12 years old). Kislev is ruled by her father Tzar “Radii Bokha” Boris Bokha [Dragonslayer, Beastslayer].
    Explanation: It is possible that future Tzarina is all ready (even her young age) famous for her natural magical powers and actually joins the fight in Praag, while her father “Radii Bokha” is somewhere else and joins Praag little later (actually after the invasion). Easiest way would be actually adjust her age little (add three or four years).
    3): In Orcslayer Gotrek tells other Slayer that he has been seeking his doom for eighty years. Well, he hasn’t been Slayer that long. In Daemonslayer we are told that first expedition to Chaos Wastes (the unsuccesful) was done 20 years before and Gotrek wasn’t yet Slayer. So, he has been Slayer during the Orcslayer about 35 years.
    Explanation: Maybe just mistake, or maybe Gotrek’s been little suicidal for longer than his Slayer career. He seems to have lived very long time mercenary life.
    4): In Manslayer (which happens during SoC) Malakai Makaisson mentiones that Gotrek & Felix have been away for 17 years. Well, in this Timeline, after my little changes based on the Manslayer, this actually fits. But next, in Manslayer, Ulrika mentiones few times that it has been 18 years.
    Explanation: I think it is actually Ulrika that is wrong.
    5): In Orcslayer Gotrek and Hamnir have “little” argument and Gotrek mentiones that it all started during the years they travelled together (actually this argument probably ended their travels together and friendship). He actually mentiones it happened hundred years ago in Tilea. Hamnir and Gotrek travelled together about 50 years. That would mean that Gotrek’s & Hamnir’s friendship started about 150 years ago, but Gotrek’s birth-year is 2370, which doesn’t really fit the case. In Manslayer mercenary Heinz (keeper of Blind Pig tavern in Nuln) also remembered Hamnir and fought with both of them. It seems they all were friends and Heinz just can’t be hundred years old!
    Explanation: I think Gotrek and Hamnir started their adventures 100 years ago and ended 50 years ago. So, there is mistake in that “hundred years ago” comment.
    6): In the WFB:Vampire Counts 6th Edition it is mentioned that Gotrek & Felix meet Mannfred Von Carstein in 2503, but in the 7th Edition this has changed to 2505 in the timeline.
    Explanation: I think later Edition timeline is wrong.
    7): In the White Dwarf 330 there is legendary story of the Battle of Cragmere where Gotrek Gurnisson, Josef Bugman and Grombrindal (the White Dwarf) meets. Best place, currently, is to place this even before Gotrek meets Felix Jaegar. But one mistake GW made miniatures about three heroes and Gotrek has his eyepatch already even his eye is lost during the Trollslayer.
    Explanation: Miniature has mistake (if any other better date doesn’t come by).
    8): In Orcslayer, Manslayer, Elfslayer and Shamanslayer there is talk about Archaon’s invasion and Siege of Middenheim (example: Snorri was in Middenheim). This is based on the information of Storm of Chaos -campaign. In 2014 Games Workshop rebooted the SoC events, when they created The End Times -campaign. In this timeline Archaon has not made his invasion against the Empire in 2522 and there has not been any siege against the Middenheim.
    Explanation: But, in 2522 there is major Chaos Incursion against the Empire. Based on the The Enemy Within (WFRP3 campaign) this is event known as “the Spring Driving” made by Warlord Surthra Lenk. In this attack there is long siege against Wolfenburg. Snorri and other slayers could have been there.
    9): In Zombieslayer there is The Hammer of Judgement, which is said to be carried first by Frederick the Bold, the great-grandfater of our beloved Emperor (which would be Karl Franz). Problem here is, that great-grandfather would be Emperor Matthias. Altough there seems to be that way named hero in the Empire also.
    Explanation: Either this “great” title just means older ancestor or the Frederick the Bold is actually great-grandfather of the ruler of Castle Reikguard (which in the book is Graf Falken Reiklander).
    10): Battle of Hauptmansburg. Gotrek & Felix travel to Hauptmansburg where the Empire army, leaded by Karl Franz himself, is ready to meet huge greenskin army. Other Dwarf-Slayers are there also, including infamous Snorri Nosebiter. The Empire forces triumph and Karl Franz himself saves the life of Felix Jaeger. Snorri Nosebiter dies in the battle, but Gotrek survives.
    Explanation: Well, this is just one of those stories, that never happened.
  • Other Stories & Books:
  • Rememberers (2015), a novel by David Guymer.Happens between Kinslayer and Slayer.Marriage of Moment (2014), a short story (ebook) by Josh Reynolds.The Return of Nagash – The End Times (2014), a novel by Josh Reynolds. In the beginning of novel Mannfred von Carstein is scrying events of the world and seems to get also picture of Gotrek.The Serpent Queen (2014), a novel (ebook) by Josh Reynolds. Myths and Legends (2013), by William King. Three short stories that were originally published in long out of print Warhammer supplements (mentioned in this list).City of the Damned (2013), a novel (ebook) by David Guymer.Gotrek and Felix – Lost Tales (2013) by Josh Reynolds, Jordan Ellinger, Frank Cavallo, David Guymer. Includes stories Into the Valley of Death, The Reckoning, Charnel Congress and Curse of the Everliving. Into the Valley of Death (2013), a novel (ebook) by Frank Cavallo.The Reckoning (2013), a novel (ebook) by Jordan Ellinger. Berthold’s Beard (2013), a short story (ebook) by Josh Reynolds.Curse of the Everliving (2013), audiobook by David Guymer. Road of Skulls (2013), a novel by Josh Reynolds. Happens between Trollslayer and Skavenslayer.Gotrek and Felix – The Anthology (2012) by Nathan Long, Joshua Reynolds, John Brunner, Jordan Ellinger, Ben McCallum, David Guymer, Andy Smillie, C.L.Werner, Richard Salter.Hammer and Bolter Issue 18 (2012) The Oberwald Ripper by Laurie Goulding and Slayer of the Storm God by Nathan Long.Advent Day Seventeen: The Contest (2012), a short story (ebook) by Jordan Ellinger.Blood Sport (2012), a short story (ebook) by Josh Reynolds. Celebrate 15 years of Black Library.Charnel Congress (2012), ebook by Josh Reynolds. Finally tells the story how Gotrek and Felix meet Mannfred von Carstein. Happens between Trollslayer and Skavenslayer.Bloodsworn (2012), novel by Nathan Long featuring Ulrika the Vampire.Hero’s Call (2012, WFRP3 Sourcebook), Mannfred von Carstein presentation mentiones Felix Jaegers stories. Also Grey Seer Thanquol is presented here.Omens of War (2011, WFRP3 Sourcebook), Knights of the Fiery Heart description mentiones lost sword Karaghul (which Felix carries) that they are tryin to locate.Red Snow (2011), a short story (ebook) from the anthology Death and Dishonour by Nathan Long. Happens between Giantslayer and Orcslayer.Thanquol’s Doom – A Thanquol & Boneripper Novel (2011), novel by C.L.Werner featuring Grey Seer Thanquol.

    Bloodforged (2011), novel by Nathan Long featuring Ulrika the Vampire.

    Temple of the Serpent – A Thanquol & Boneripper Novel (2010), novel by C.L.Werner featuring Grey Seer Thanquol.

    Bloodborn (2010), novel by Nathan Long featuring Ulrika the Vampire.

    Winds of Magic (2010, WFRP3 Sourcebook), Skaven invasion in Nuln is mentioned. Year (2499) is wrong.

    Slayer of the Storm God (2009), audiobook by Nathan Long. Happens between Elfslayer and Shamanslayer.

    Grey Seer – A Thanqual & Boneripper Novel (2009), novel by C.L.Werner featuring Grey Seer Thanquol.

    Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) MMORPG (2008, Computer Game). Gotrek & Felix make cameo appearance in The Screaming Cat tavern in Altdorf. The pair from this tavern in Altdorf! Age of Reckoning doesn’t happen in the official timeline. It is alternative timeline/event dating about the same time as Storm of Chaos. So, that why it doesn’t appear in the timeline.

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Daemons of Chaos (2008), Grey Seer Thanquol is mentioned in the history.

    White Dwarf 330: The Legends of White Dwarf (2007, WFB Magazine). Story about meeting of three legendary Dwarfen characters Gotrek Gurnisson, Josef Bugman and Grombrindal (the White Dwarf) in The Battle of Cragmere near the sundered Dwarf hold of Karak Varn.

    Children of the Horned Rat (2006, WFRP2 sourcebook). Skaven invasion in Nuln is mentioned. Year is wrong (2514).

    Forges of Nuln (2006, WFRP2 adventure). Skaven invasion in Nuln is mentioned. Year is wrong (2514).

    Redhand’s Daughter (2003), a short story by William King. Can be found from the Inferno Magazine Issue 36 and the Gotrek & Felix: The Third Omnibus.

    Warhawk (2002), a short story in Silver Nails book by Jack Yeovil. Our heroes make little cameo appearance.

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle: The Empire 5th Edition (1993), a short story, which involves death of Snorri Nosebiter.

    Warhammer Fantasy Battle (Multiple books & Editions). Gotrek & Felix are mentioned in Dwarfs-, Skaven-, Undead-, and Vampire Counts -books. Also Grey Seer Thanquol is mentioned in the Warriors of Chaos and Tomb Kings (8th Edition).

    Death’s Dark Shadow (1991, WFRP1 adventure). Gotrek & Felix can be optional NPC’s or have some cameo appearance in the campaing. Timeline idea is their adventures in the Border Princes.

    Doomstones Campaign vol.3: Death Rock (1990, WFRP1 adventure). Gotrek & Felix can be optional NPC’s. No timeline given. For their own Timeline this adventure fits best end of 2503, 2504 or after 2507. One possibility is (if you want to run adventure closer to SoC), that it happens during their trip to Empire from Karak Hirn in 2522.

    Realm of Chaos: The Lost and The Damned (1990, WFRP1 sourcebook). Small story from William King. Gotrek & Felix travel in the far north (close to the Chaos Wastes) and face Chaos Dwarfs.

  • Warhammer: Shadow of the Horned Rat: Gotrek is a slayer and thanquol is a grey-seer. So I would put it somewhere in William King’s books. I think before skavenslayer, because Thanquol is in the game and he doesn’t mention Gotrek and/or Felix.