Created by WILLIAM KING in 1988.

  • 1988 – 2013 : 25 years of Gotrek & Felix!
  • 1988 – 05/2015 : The ‘1st circle’ ends with the Slayer novel from Warhammer: End Times after 27 years.
  • 1988 – 2018 : 30 years of Gotrek & Felix!

To be continued!


Well… this goes back in the early 90s when I started playing Games Workshop games. One of them(of course!) was Warhammer Fantasy. I really enjoyed playing all these games! I always prefer playing Dwarfs(in any game!) so I had the 1st Gotrek & Felix miniatures and in every battle I wanted to include them in my army. I had read about them in the original Warhammer Armies : Dwarfs and immediately they became one of my favorites. Of course, I wanted to read more, not only about Dwarfs but about Warhammer Fantasy & Warhammer 40.000 in general(where are our beloved Squats?!). Back then, there was no internet that’s why I didn’t know the existence of early Games Workshop books.

In 1999 I read in White Dwarf(I am still a regular White Dwarf reader after so many years!) that Games Workshop created Black Library in order to publish books about Warhammer Fantasy/40K universe. I was so happy! Of course, I ordered Trollslayer. And then SkavenSlayer. Obviously I read all Gotrek & Felix books(among many other Black Library novels). I liked them all!

In the middle of 2013 while I was in the local book store I saw the new(3rd edition) Omnibuses and I was surprised by seeing that there where some stories in them. Until then, I had no idea about any Gotrek & Felix story, outside the series. I decide to search it better. I visited Black Library’s site for the Omnibus editions. I saw many more stories! I created a text file and wrote the stories’ titles and where each story can be found. I continued the research.

Quickly I discovered warseer site and from it a link to kalevalahammer site. I found not only the old Games Workshops Books(pre – Black Library) but also much more information about Gotrek & Felix! I was surprised and thrilled because as long as I was searching I was finding more and more information! Collecting all this data made a text file insufficient, so I create a word file.

After a huge research the word file was almost ready! I informed my family and my friends about this project. One of them is my friend John ‘Kourou’ that happens to know how to create sites(that is his job!) and upon seeing this he was excited and told me to make a WordPress site…

The rest is history!

Dedications & Special Thanks – Links

This project is dedicated to William King and Games Workshop!

A Very Special Thanks to : all Gotrek & Felix authors, sculptors, artists, editors and of course US : The FANS!

Also a Huge Thanks to the following sites. Without them this project would have never be completed :