White Dwarf : March 2018


PublisherGames Workshop


  • Published by Games Workshop in March 2018.
  • Page 27 : Temporal Distort article : A flashback article dedicated(this month) in White Dwarf #153. Of course Gotrek & Felix are mentioned in William King’s Skaven’s Claw (part 2) novella. Also Skaveslayer is mentioned (the future release that contained this novella).
  • There is also an interesting information regarding Grey Seer Thanquol (also created by William King) :
    • This issue was his first ever appearance!
  • Another information-answer :
    • This novella is written by Bill King (or William King as he’s since mostly been known).
  • Notes :
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo is not mentioned in the back cover.