White Dwarf : December 2018


PublisherGames Workshop


  • Published by Games Workshop in December 2018.
  • Page 40 : Temporal Distort article : A flashback article dedicated(this month) in White Dwarf #348. The Saga of the White Dwarf ‘window’ : No mentioning of Gotrek but in the pictures of the magazine it is White Dwarf’s miniature (carried by Gotrek and Josef Bugman).
  • Page 35 : Planet Warhammer Latest News article : Gotrek’s card for Warhammer : Doomseeker game! A White Dwarf exclusive.
  • Back cover : It has (among other) Gotrek’s card for Warhammer : Doomseeker game.
  • Notes :
    • Doomseeker illustration by : Dan Dussault, Shen Fei, David Lanza.
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
Gotrek’s exclusive card for Doomseeker game from White Dwarf December 2018.