White Dwarf #125



  • Published by Games Workshop in May 1990.
  • Page 1 : Table of Contents : Gotrek & Felix are mentioned in The Dark Beneath The World article.
  • Pages 18-31 : The Dark Beneath The World: A massive Advanced HeroQuest adventure by William King and Andy Warwick based on William King’s story of the same name taken from the Warhammer Anthology Red Thirst (note : back in 1990 TrollSlayer and other books (such as the various Omnibus‘) that contain this novella had not published!). Of course Gotrek & Felix are mentioned here.
  • Page 23 : It has Kevin Walker’s painting of Gotrek & Felix(from the book(anthology) Red Thirst (interior art).
  • Page 29 : It has the rules of Gotrek & Felix for Advanced HeroQuest.
  • Page 29 : Kevin Walker’s painting of the Gotrek(from the book(anthology) Red Thirst (interior art)). It is Gotrek only, not all the painting but a part of it(it is cropped).
  • Page 29 : Steve Tappin’s painting of Felix.
  • Notes :
    • 1st Gotrek & Felix rules for Advanced HeroQuest.
    • This article contains more paintings that have nothing to do with the duo.
    • For more information about The Dark Beneath The World check its tag.
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo is not mentioned in the back cover.
    • There is a Huge mistake! Page 29 :
      • Chain mail armour.
      • Gotrek as all Slayers NEVER wear any kind of armour! Maybe this is because Slayer’s lore back then was not finalized.