White Dwarf #119


Writer(s)Various Writers
MediumPrinted, Magazine
PublisherGames Workshop


  • Published by Games Workshop in November 1989.
  • Page 4 : In William King’s hiring announcement Gotrek & Felix, Wolf Riders and Ignorant Armies are mentioned.
  • Page 73 : Ignorant Armies and Wolf Riders books are in mail order (Warhammer) .
  • Notes :
    • The 1st ever (direct) mention of Gotrek & Felix!
    • It is useless for my opinion to collect all advertisements – mail order, etc. so I put some here, for obvious reasons (i.e., to have everything that has to do with the Gotrek & Felix).
    • For more information about Wolf Riders and Ignorant Armies check their tag.
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo is not mentioned in the back cover.
  • In trollslayer.net (William King’s old official site) there is an article that is dedicated to this issue! Here it is :
    • This is how it began, all those years ago… A little piece of history…

      As I was looking through some old White Dwarfs, I came across the following introduction in White Dwarf 119. Dated November 1989, it tells us of a couple of new arrivals to the Design studio, one of which is a certain author.
      This is how it began, all those years ago…

      William King has joined us to write fiction, both for the anthologies of short stories and for games and rule books. He’s been a full-time writer of fantasy and science fiction for the last year, with work published in Interzone magazine and the Zenith and Starfield anthologies. He cites writers such as Frank Miller, William Gibson and Gene Wolfe as his favourite authors.

      You’ll soon be seeing some of William’s tensely plotted, action-packed Warhammer Fantasy stories in the Ignorant Armies and Wolf Riders anthologies – in fact he’s written the title story of Wolf Riders. Both books include the continuing adventures of Gotrek the Trollslayer and his companion Felix Jaegar, and we’re looking forward to seeing much more of them in future anthologies. When he’s not writing, William’s a keen gamer and plays a lot of Adeptus Titanicus and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay – he finds his WFRP campaigns are great source material for his fiction.