Warhammer Online : Age Of Reckoning


Writer(s)Various Writers
PublisherElectronic Arts


  • A massively multiplayer online(MMO) role-playing game.
  • Released in
    • September 2008 for PC.
    • July 2009 (BETA version) for Mac.
  • Developer : Mythic Entertainment.
  • Publisher : Electronic Arts.
  • Designed by : Mark Jacobs, Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman.
  • 1st appearance of Felix in an electronic game!
  • 1st Gotrek & Felix appearance in macOS.
  • Gotrek & Felix make cameo appearance in The Screaming Cat tavern in Altdorf.
  • Notes :
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo is not mentioned in the back cover.
    • Gotrek had already appeared in an electronic game. It was Warhammer : Shadow Of The Horned Rat.
  • In the gallery below there are some Gotrek & Felix screenshots.