All Dedications & Thanks


Writer(s)Various Writers
MediumPrinted, Digital
PublisherBlack Library


  • Giantslayer (from William King) :
    • To Angela, for all her help’.
  • Orcslayer (from Nathan Long) :
    • To William King’.
  • Manslayer (from Nathan Long) :
    • Dedication : ‘To Antony, a Slayer if ever there was.’
    • Thanks : ‘ To Alison and Doug Lister for their help with Malakai’s dialogue. ‘Ah couldnae done it wi’out ye.
  • Elfslayer (from Nathan Long) :
    • Dedication and Thanks :
      • For Channing, my dark elf nemesis. One day I will defeat you. Thanks to Mike Lee and Rob Clark for the lore.’
  • Shamanslayer (from Nathan Long) :
    • To Andy Law, my native guide.
  • Zombieslayer (from Nathan Long) :
    • To Keith, for instruction on zombie law.
  • City Of The Damned (from David Guymer) :
    • For Noah, who probably wont read this.
  • Kinslayer (from David Guymer) :
    • For Rose‘.
  • Ghoulslayer (From Darius Hinks) :
    • For the Ancestor Gods: William King, Nathan Long, Josh Reynolds and David Guymer‘.
  • Note :
    • The books that are not in the above list do not include Dedications and/or Special Thanks.