William King’s Interview (from Inferno! #36)


Writer(s)Inferno!, Matt Ralphs
PublisherBlack Library


  • Published in Inferno! #36.
  • By Black Library in 28th April 2003.
  • Pages 34-36.
  • Interview by Matt Ralphs.
  • Note :
    • This post has only parts that have something to do with Gotrek & Felix, not necessarily all the interview (so when ”….” appear it means that this section does not contain any thing about the duo).
  • Black Library : Gotrek and Felix began as studio created characters. Did this make developing their characters easier as you took them over for your novels?
    • William King: I created Gotrek and Felix back in the 80s and Games Workshop turned them into characters in the early 90s. It was the same with Thanquol.
  • BL : Has it been a challenge to develop the duo’s character progression as their journey continues?
    • WK : It depends on what you mean by that. Felix has become tougher and more cynical as the series progresses. Gotrek remains the same as ever. He has not really developed at all except that occasionally we see slightly different sides of his personality. It’s partially because he’s a dwarf and much older and set in his ways. Felix is still growing up.
  • BL : Gotrek and Felix are such an odd couple, but they work so well together. Why do you think is this?
    • WK : Maybe it’s because they are an odd couple that they do work. One contrasts with the other, and each throws the other into relief. I don’t think two slayers would work so well together.
  • BL : So, it’s the classic sitcom pairing of opposing characters creating interesting or funny situations…..
    • WK : Yes, exactly…
  • BL : Humor plays a large part in your writing. How important do you think this is to the enormous success of Gotrek books?
    • WK :I think humor is a necessary part of the series otherwise things would be unrelentingly grim. Again, it’s about throwing things into relief- there has to be some let-up from the carnage.
  • BL : Will Gotrek and Felix travel around all the countries in the Warhammer universe?And do you think there will be much of it standing after Gotrek has finished with it?
    • WK: I would certainly like them to see a bit more of the world….
  • BL : 
    • WK: (Ulrica will definitely show up again with some interesting character developments…)
  • BL : 
    • WK : Max and Snorri may be seen again fairly shortly. I was working on a short story about them for this issue of Inferno! but got carried away with the novella and ran out of space and time. In the long run we shall be seeing most of the supporting cast again, at least once.
  • BL : Vampireslayer was a fairly dark novel…..any more light-hearted stories before the end?
    • WK : I hope so but things seem to be getting progressively darker as the series continues.
  • BL : Why do you thing that is?
    • WK : Lots of reasons- some of them to do with events in my own life. Some of them to do with the fact that Warhammer World does get darker the more you learn about it, as Felix is finding out. By the very nature of the adventures he finds out things most people try to ignore. Also, lets face it, Gotrek is moving slowly closer to finding his doom. This is not really a pleasant prospect.
  • BL : Are you planning to write prequel to Trollslayer, … in detail how they meet each other, a bit more history about what they did before they met …
    • WK : One day I will certainly sit down and write the story of their meeting, for sure. Sooner or later the issue of Gotrek’s dark past will have to be dealt with. I have some thoughts about doing a book about it.
  • BL : ….Any concrete ideas yet, or are just mulling over the possibilities at the moment?
    • WK : …we know pretty much how they meet so it’s fixed. I will probably pick it up when Felix is expelled from university or thereabouts and proceed at the usual breakneck pace towards the meeting. There maybe might be a few adventures set in Altdorf and maybe something to do with Chaos cults. None of it except the bit already know are set in stone.
  • BL : Felix has pledged to return his magic sword to its rightful owners but so far has failed to do so. …sword (details, history, etc) ever, be included in any future Gotrek and Felix story?
    • WK: …maybe. Something about its nature is already in Dragonslayer. More things maybe revealed as things go on.
  • BL : Are you aware of Gotrek’s cameo appearence in ‘Warwack‘ by Jack Yeovil, written ten years ago and publised last year in Silver Nails? If so, will the revelation about Gotrek’s past, that he was a member of Vestarien’s Vanqishers, be referred to again? And was it Jack’s idea, or yours?
    • WK : Yes i read it first time around. As for Vasterien’s Vanquiser’s bit, i know it was discussed around the studio during the original GW book run, but i cannot remember whose idea was originally.
  • BL : How many books will the entire saga will be composed of?
    • WK : As many as it takes.
  • BL :  ….
    • WK :  ….bought White Dwarf issue one a very long time ago!!!
  • BL: What do you thing was the big turning point in your writing carreer?
    • WK: Selling my first story was one. Having Trollslayer come out was another.
  • BL : Will Gotrek ever find his doom?
    • WK: Absolutely certainly. It’s case of when not if.
  • BL : …well will that be then?