Thunderstrike & Other Stories



  • Originally released by Black Library in August 31, 2021.
  • The 16th Anthology book to include a Gotrek(& Felix) story.
  • A Warhammer : Age of Sigmar anthology that features many stories from various writers.
  • From these only The Neverspike is a Gotrek(& Felix) story.
  • This anthology contains :
    • Thunderstrike by Richard Strachan.
    • Bossgrot by Eric Gregory.
    • The Spears of Autumn by Richard Strachan.
    • The Sea Taketh by David Guymer.
    • Buyer Beware by Gav Thorpe.
    • Shiprats by C L Werner.
    • The Neverspike by Darius Hinks.
    • The Garden of Mortal Delights by Robert Rath.
    • The Hammer of Immanence by Eric Gregory.
    • Blessed Oblivion by Dale Lucas.
    • The Serpent’s Bargain by Jamie Crisalli.
    • Ghastlight by Anna Stephens.
    • The Siege of Greenspire by Anna Stephens.
    • The Gossip of Ravens by David Annandale.
    • Last of the Braskovs by C L Werner.
    • Strong Bone by Michael R Fletcher.
    • Mourning in Rainhollow by Dave Gross.
    • Watchers of Battle by Ben Counter.
    • Blood of the Flayer by Richard Strachan.
  • Notes :
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo(or Gotrek only) is not mentioned in the back cover.