Warhammer : Skirmish (for 6th Edition)


MediumPrinted, Rulebook
PublisherGames Workshop


  • A Warhammer Fantasy Battles Supplement.
    • For Warhammer Fantasy Battles 6th edition.
  • Published by Games Workshop in 2002.
  • Table Of contents : Gotrek & Felix are mentioned (Page 43).
  • Page 43 : Chapter Titled : Gotrek & Felix – Hold The Gates. A Warhammer Skirmish scenario with the Gotrek & Felix. One of their first epic battles that found Gotrek & Felix in the land of the boarder Princes defending a small fort from a tribe of foul Goblins(The duo along with Settlers(10 Empire free company Vs Goblins). It is written also that their rules can be found in Warhammer Annual : 2002 supplement and in Games Workshop’s official site.
    • Also written above the heading : (In)famous Slayer Hero & Poet Sidekick.
    • In the prologue it also mentions that their adventures are chronicled in Felix’s memoirs published by Altdorf Press. Also, this is one of their first epic battles.
    • Page 43 : In the end of the page there is a ‘grey box’ that has an extract from the novella Wolf Riders(see below).
  • This scenario is taken from the novella Wolf Riders (published in Wolf Riders, TrollSlayer books and numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check the Wolf Riders tag).
  • Notes :
    • For Gotrek & Felix rules for Warhammer Fantasy 6th edition check here.
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo is not mentioned in the back cover.