WarCry : Gotrek & Felix Collectible Card (Promo)


PublisherSabertooth Games


  • For the collectible card game.
    • By Sabertooth Games.
    • Released in 2003.
    • Ended in 2006.
  • Gotrek & Felix card :
    • Featuring Adrian Smith’s BeastSlayer cover painting (not all, it is cropped) and a Gotrek’s ‘typical’ saying from TrollSlayer.
    • The card was released as a promo in 2003 (with the release of the game) and as it is obvious in the advertisement of the card : Ultra-rare promotional card for WarCry CCG!
  • Notes:
    • 1st Gotrek & Felix card in a collectible card game.
    • 1st Gotrek & Felix rules for a collectible card game.
    • The card has the illustration credit (by Adrian Smith).
    • The original painting is also, included without letters / titles.