Writer(s)Nick Kyme, Gav Thorpe
MediumPrinted, Lorebook
PublisherBlack Library


  • This background book, tells fans everything they ever wanted to know about the popular Warhammer race of the dwarfs, including their battles, culture, holds, enemies and history.
  • Published by Black Library in 2008.
  • By Nick Kyme and Gav Thorpe.
  • Page 23 : Dragonslayer‘s cover (2nd printing). By Geoff Taylor. The whole painting (no letters, title, etc.) . No mention of Gotrek & Felix.
  • Page 79 : Orcslayer cover by Geoff Taylor. The whole painting (no letters, title, etc.) .
  • Page 79 : Belegar allows passage into the deeps by outsiders chapter : Last 2 paragraphs plus the 117 footer. Gotrek & Felix are mentioned along with Felix’s blade (Karaghul). This text refers to the novella The Dark Beneath The World.
  • Notes :
    • Has 2 editions as you can see from the covers : one ‘gold’ and one ‘silver’.
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • The duo is not mentioned in the back cover.