Felix’s Sword



  • What exactly is Felix’s Sword?
  • Anybody who played Warhammer Fanasy Battles using the rules in White Dwarf #162 or Warhammer Armies : Dwarfs back in June 1993 when selecting Felix, reads that his weapon is a magic sword called Blade Of Leaping Bronze. This sword was a magical sword that anybody could take in the game. It was not a unique magical weapon for Felix only.
  • In Warhammer Annual : 2002 book his sword is called Wyrmslayer. Of course, this name is a direct mention to Karagul and by reading its rules anybody can understand that this sword is actually Karagul.
  • In William King’s books (or other writers’ books in the series) :
    • His sword is a legendary blade called Karagul.
    • In the first book of the series (Trollslayer) there is the story(The Dark Beneath The World) of how he actually found it. In this novel and before finding Karagul there is no mentioning about Blade Of Leaping Bronze or Wyrmslayer at all!
    • From this point on Karagul is his only magic sword (until the end, (SOS! Spoiler!)) with the exception in a novel that he gives it back to the Order of the Fiery Heart and he soon takes it back. While not having it, he permanently thinks of it, and he realizes that this blade is something like a part of him…
  • Answer – Conclusion :
    • I think that when William King created the profiles of Gotrek & Felix for Warhammer Fantasy Battles he just ‘gave’ a magic weapon to Felix, as in that time he had not written many stories, books of the duo, so he had not given the ‘depth’ to Felix(and Gotrek). But when he started writing he soon realized that Felix ‘was good to have’ a ‘unique’ sword. Maybe not an artifact or a magic weapon so strong as Gotrek’s but for sure something unique, powerful and ‘useful’ for a life full of life threatening adventures! So Karagul was (again) a very clever and fitting solution!