• The 3rd novel of the series.
  • The 3rd Gotrek & Felix book.
  • Written by William(Bill) King.
    • The 3rd Gotrek & Felix novel by William(Bill) King.
  • Cover by John Gravato.
  • First published in the UK by Black Library in October 1999.
    • UK ISBN : 1-84154-104-4.
  • US edition published by Pocket Books in May 2000.
    • US edition : ISBN 0-671-78389-0.
  • RePrinted(2nd Printing) in the UK by Black Library in July 2003.
    • UK(2nd printing) ISBN 1-84416-26-2.
  • RePrinted(2nd Printing) in the USA.
    • Published by the Black Library in August 2003.
    • 2nd Printing(UK & US) Cover Artist : Geoff Taylor.
  • Black Library, also, released it as an eBook.
  • William King stated in an Interview that : 
    • I noticed that among my Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay players trollslayers were popular and I could see why. I mean what’s not to love about demented suicidal dwarves with big axes? When I sat down to write Geheimnisnacht , the first appearance of Gotrek and Felix I used the plot of a scenario I had run for my Warhammer campaign. I actually killed Gotrek at the end of the story, you can see the moment it happened in the story if you look closely. Then I thought wait a minute, what am I doing? These characters could have a whole series in them. Turns out I was right about that. I was just winging it for the most part. I always wanted to write a classic sword and sorcery series where the hero wanders around and has adventures– you know stuff like Conan and Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser. This was my chance to do it. I was still finding my way as a writer when I started. I had only sold about 3 short stories at this point. It took me about a decade to work my way up to being able to write novels competently. That said, Daemonslayer was a book I brooded on for five years. At the time no one knew whether Black Library was going to be around for long (Games Workshop Books had been a failure after all) and I wanted it to get in everything I could about the characters. I figured it was my one chance to do things right. That’s why it has our heroes facing the biggest toughest monster they are ever likely to. If I had been sensible I would have saved that for later”.
  • Maybe this is the reason that this book is considered by mans fans the best of the series.
  • Notes :
    • The first book that no part(s) was(were) published before its launch(October 1999).
    • The first book that contains chapters and not short stories(as chapters).
    • This book is included in numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check the DaemonSlayer tag.
    • Also, included a visual concept – rough prior to painting the cover by Geoff Taylor.