• The 2nd novel of the series.
  • The 2nd Gotrek & Felix book.
  • Written by William(Bill) King.
  • The 2nd Gotrek & Felix novel by William(Bill) King.
  • Cover by John Gravato.
  • The book contains 7 short stories/novellas.
  • Some parts of the book were written before the book was published.
  • It is the last book that has parts written before its publication.
  • First published in the UK by Black Library in September 1999.
    • UK ISBN : 1-84154-102-8.
  • US edition published by Pocket Books in April 2000.
    • US edition : ISBN 0-671-78385-8.
  • RePrinted(2nd Printing) in the UK by Black Library in April 2003.
    • UK(2nd printing) ISBN : 1-84416-003-3.
  • US Edition, RePrinted(2nd Printing). Published by the Black Library in May 2003.
  • 2nd Printing(UK & US) Cover Artist : Geoff Taylor.
  • Black Library, also, released it as an eBook.
  • Released, also, as an Audio book by Black Library in 11 April 2020.
    • Narrated by : Jonathan Keeble.
    • Audio cover artist : Geoff Taylor.
    • Running time(duration) : 10 hours 31 minutess.
  • Notes :
    • This book/stories are included in numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check their tag.
    • Also, included a visual concept – rough prior to painting the cover by Geoff Taylor.
    • 1st Grey Seer Thanquol appearance (in a novel).
  • In his introductions of the 2013 Trollslayer(Black Library Classics) and 2019 Trollslayer (Black Library 20th Anniversary Edition) William King revealed that :
    • He wrote Geheimnisnacht as a one-off story, in 1988, in which Gotrek was meant to die at the end, but later revised it based on his liking for the characters (Gotrek’s fake death in the story was initially written as permanent.). The story led to the commissioning of another by Games Workshop, and then another, which led to Wolf Riders and The Dark Beneath the World.
      The success of these three stories led to King being commissioned to write a full-length novel, which he approached by writing three novella-length stories in episodic format, which became The Mark of Slaanesh, Blood and Darkness, and Skaven’s Claw.
    • However, Games Workshop Books closed unexpectedly, and the publication of the novel was delayed until 1999, when it also included The Mutant Master and Ulric’s Children, which had previously been published in Inferno! magazine. The novel also added the prefacing excerpts from Felix’s journal.
    • The Mark of Slaanesh and Blood and Darkness were eventually published as part of Trollslayer, while Skaven’s Claw became the first chapter of the subsequent novel Skavenslayer.