Curse Of The Everliving


Writer(s)David Guymer
PublisherBlack Library


  • A Warhammer Fantasy Audio.
  • Audio Book.
  • The 2nd Gotrek & Felix Audio book.
  • By David Guymer.
  • Cover by Phroilan Gardner.
  • First published in the UK by Black Library in February 2013.
  • Produced by Heavy Entertainment for Black Library.
  • Narrated by Jonathan Keeble.
  • Performed by Gareth Armstrong, Chris Fairbank and David Timson.
  • Music composed by Simon Slater.
  • 1 audio disc.
  • Digital, stereo.
  • Running time(duration) : approximately 74 min.
  • Note :
    • It was 1st printed in Lost Tales, and then as an audio book(as we read in David Guymer’s intoduction in RealmSlayer Script Book).
    • This story is included is included in numerous other (printed and digital) publications. For more details check the its tag.
    • The cover painting is also, included without letters / titles.