RealmSlayer (Script Book)


Writer(s)David Guymer
PublisherBlack Library


  • The 1st script book of Gotrek & Felix!
  • The 1st Black Library script book!
  • A Mighty Fact!
  • Written by David Guymer.
  • Cover by Marta Dettlaff.
  • This book contains:
    • The complete four-part script of Realmslayer, the audio drama recounting the much anticipated return of Gotrek Gurnisson and voiced by the world-famous Brian Blessed.
    • An introduction by David Guymer.
      • Among other stuff, we read that RealmSlayer was scripted excursively for audio(not a printed story that was later released as an audio book like Curse Of The Everliving).
    • Brian Blessed’ praise for Gotrek(1 page)!
    • Behind-the-scenes(black and white) photographs(1 page),
    • The Saga Of Gotrek Gurnisson. A brief history of Gotrek & Felix by Nick Kyme(Black Library’s Managing Editor). 2 pages.
    • A never-before-seen annotated script with insights from its author, editor and audio producer.
  • A Warhammer : Age of Sigmar Script Book.
  • Released by Black Library in September 2019.
  • Hard Cover.
  • A very deluxe edition! Even the pages’ edges are gold so if you look to the book when its closed you see a very beautiful gold colour!