William King’s Sites (trollslayer.net / www.williamking.me)



  • trollslayer.net
    • William King’s first site.
    • In his new site we learn that this site ‘collapsed’ and all the material published there was lost.
    • But… through archive.org you can visit it again!
    • Nearly all the material is there!
    • It is an incredible site! And because back then(in the early – middle 00s) his books-writings where most Games Workshop related(and mostly Gotrek & Felix and Ragnar(another all time favorite Warhammer 40000 character!) you can find much information-facts, etc. of all his beloved creations and much more!
    • I think a must for every Gotrek & Felix fan!
    • As you can see many topics from this site are included here.
  • His next site is :
    • www.williamking.me
    • A very interesting site containing much info about all his books-writings, etc.
    • There you can also visit his much often posts that are regularly updated.
    • And of course you can contact him!
  • Have fun!