William King’s Interview (from Modern Author Website)



  • Modern Author Website Interview.
  • By Richard Smith.
  • From trollslayer.net (William King’s old official site).
  • Uploaded in 29 October 2003.
  • Note :
    • This post has only parts that have something to do with Gotrek & Felix, not necessarily all the interview.
  • How much influence does Games Workshop have over the eventual outcomes of your plotlines?
    • It really depends. Most of the time they don’t interfere. Of course, if they really don’t like the book they can simply not publish it.
  • Have you been tempted to write for any other genre?
    • Detective novels, spy novels and travel books all interest me but fantasy remains my first love. (He also says that Chaos is one of his best parts but he does not write Chaos themes…)
  • What is your favorite book right now?
    • Of the ones I have read recently I liked David Gemmell’s White Wolf. My
      favorite book is probably Oliver Twist.
  • Within your books, is there a character you relate to most?
    • Felix Jaeger. He is just a fairly ordinary guy caught up in fairly demented adventures.
  • I saw on your site that you have played Dungeons and Dragons for quite a while. What was your favorite character? Did any of your D&D characters make it into your books?
    • My favorite character of the ones I played was called Ragnar, no relation to the character in the books. He was a very bombastic warrior who was not quite as tough as he thought he was. To be honest, I can’t think of any D&D characters who have made it into my books. A scenario I once ran for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay provided the plot for my first Warhammer story Geheimnisnacht though.