William King’s Interview (from his site / forum)


Writer(s)William(Bill) King


  • From http://www.williamking.me.
  • Uploaded in 2012.
  • Notes :
    • This post has only parts that have something to do with Gotrek & Felix, not necessarily all the interview.
    • Questions are from Gotrek & Felix fans.
  • The only thing I found disappointing in your G&F works is that you no longer work on them. I wonder why it it so? I couldn’t find any information about the reason…
    The G&F novels by Nathan Long are good, but the real awesomeness of the series ended with the very last page of Giantslayer.
    • It’s a long story and not one I particularly want to go into details on, Roback. Sorry :).
  • Thank you for the adventures you have given us,and i think Snorri would also like you to write something about him.
    • Unfortunately I am no longer the writer on Gotrek and Felix, and there are no plans for me to write any more books about them at the moment. Sorry about that.
  • Any plans for returning?
    • There are no plans for me to return to Gotrek and Felix in the foreseeable future. Sorry!
  • While I would like to have seen the series carried on, I would REALLY like to read the prequel to Trollslayer and find out how it all started.
    • I have often considered writing the story of the pairs initial meeting and adventures but I fear the time for that has passed. The series is in other hands now.
  • Any chance you’d ever make out a post laying out what your vision was for Gotrek and Felix post Giantslayer to the end? Not a detailed story or anything just a broadbrush outline?
    • Hey Paul,Not much chance of that I am afraid. Mostly things were made up as I went along, usually in response to the events of the previous book or two.
  • I see, well did you have a plan for where they were meant to go after they went through that portal in Giantslayer? I was always curious where you had planned to make them adventure next.
    • All I can actually remember is that they got back to the Empire. It’s a blank after that. Sorry!
  • You undoubtedly get asked this a lot, but is there any chance that you will ever be going back to writing the slayer novels? I just can’t see anyone but you writing the heroic death of Gotrek. It just wouldn’t be right. Also you left me, and I am quite sure multitudes of Gotrek and Felix fans starving for more details of the “old ones” the Chaos wastes and how it all started…
    • As I understand it, Gotrek is already dead as a result of the End Times plotline so there does not seem much chance of me going back to the series or writing his death.
  • Please give us a short description of Gotrek & Felix.
    • Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger are two unlikely heroes of the Warhammer world. Gotrek is a slayer, a dwarf sworn to seek death in unequal combat against the mightiest of monsters. Felix is a poet who while drunk swore an oath to accompany Gotrek on his quest and record his doom in an
      epic poem. The only problem is that Gotrek is simply too tough to die and to make matters worse it seems to be his fate to be drawn into terrifying adventures in the furthest and least hospitable parts of the Old World.