Warhammer Dwarfs Collector’s Guide


PublisherGames Workshop


  • A Warhammer Miniatures Collector’s Guide.
  • Released by Games Workshop in 2005.
  • By Tim Vincent.
  • Page 1 : Contents : Gotrek Vs Boneripper diorama. The miniature that won awards by Jakub Tracz.
  • Page 37 : Rare Units : It has the Gotrek and Felix miniatures. Both sets, the ‘classic’ first ones(from the 1st Warhammer Armies : Dwarfs , 1993) and the 2nd set. It has also all the mail order miniatures’ codes. The 1st miniatures are named ‘Classic Gotrek Gurnisson’ and ‘Classic Felix’ respectively. The 2nd miniatures are named: ‘Classic Felix Body’, ‘Classic Felix Sword'(Felix is a 2 parts miniature) and ‘Classic Gotrek’. All miniatures presented here except Classic Felix Body and Classic Felix Sword are painted. Classic Felix Body and Classic Felix Sword are both painted and unpainted.
  • Page 54 : Showcase : The Dwarfs Of Karak Izor (by Stephen Green, Games Workshop UK Finance) : Even though in the text there is no mention of Gotrek & Felix, in the photograph they are (along the army’s miniatures).
  • Page 63 : Golden Demon (Winning) Entries : Gotrek Gurnisson by Angelo Di Chello. Golden Demon Italy 2004.
  • Page 63 : Golden Demon(Winning) Entries : Dwarf Daemonslayer by Robin Hempsall, Goden Demon UK 1997.
  • Page 63 : Golden Demon(Winning) Entries : Gotrek Vs Boneripper by Jakub Tracz, Golden Demon Baltimore 2002.
  • Back Cover : Gotrek Gurnisson & Felix Jaeger are mentioned (for copyright reasons).
  • Notes :
    • In the back cover is mentioned that the Golden Demon entries are winning ones.
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • All Games Workshop miniatures by Citadel Miniatures.