The Two Crowns Of Ras Karim


Writer(s)Nathan Long
MediumPrinted, Digital
PublisherBlack Library


  • A novella by Nathan Long.
  • Originally published inĀ Games Workshop : Games Day 2006 (as a limited edition booklet) in April 2006.
    • Limited edition of 300!
    • Softback.
    • 32 pages.
    • ISBN 1844164640.
    • A Mighty Fact!
    • In Games Day 2006 Nathan Long was the Black Library Guest Of Honour.
  • Published as a stand alone release by Black Library in 2012.
  • Digital format cover by Winona Nelson.
  • Can be found in the following books/releases :
  • Notes :
    • The cover is from the digital release.
    • Same cover as : The Anthology and many more digital releases. Mostly digital short stories/novellas.
    • The original painting cover is also, included without letters / titles.
    • Limited edition’s cover is not ”exactly” a Gotrek & Felix cover.