The Siege of Praag, The Skaven Invasion of Nuln and other major Warhammer Fantasy events



  • Important Note :
    • Some supplements and various books mention some major facts such as :
  • The Skaven Invasion of Nuln :
    • Gotrek & Felix were there and played a major role in them. Some of the are various Warhammer Armies : Skaven and Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay(3rd edition) books(such as Winds Of Magic and Children Of The Horned Rat) mention the above major event. They are not posted here because the duo is NOT mentioned.
  • The Siege of Praag :
    • (the same as the above).
  • Always have in mind that :
    • If a direct mention of Gotrek & Felix is not written (with or without their names) then nothing is posted.
    • Gotrek & Felix have missed some major events such as Storm of Chaos. That’s why they do not appear in some books.