The Gotrek Gurnisson Collection


Writer(s)Darius Hinks
PublisherBlack Library


  • Published by Black Library in December 2022.
  • A very special limited edition collection!
  • Released by Black Library in December 2022.
  • A mighty fact!
  • The Gotrek Gurnisson Collection includes :
    • Three full-length novels and three short stories, including one never seen elsewhere(see below).
    • Collected in a handsome slipcase, with gold details and extras.
    • Written by Darius HinksGhoulslayer is signed and numbered from 1 to 1,250, and each book includes a foreword by the author.
  • Ghoulslayer, Gitslayer, and Soulslayer in stunning hardback editions with cloth covers and leather-effect spines – all protected by an elegant slipcase.
  • The first book in the collection (Ghoulslayer), also includes the short story The Neverspike, and is individually numbered and signed by author Darius Hinks.
  • The second book (Gitslayer), also includes the short story Death on the Road to Svardheim.
  • The third book Soulslayer , also includes the brand new short story The Crown of Karak-Khazhar (classic aelf vs duardin action).
  • The Gotrek Gurnisson Collection is limited to 1250 uniquely numbered copies.
  • Notes :
    • In the gallery below there is also :
      • The official (pre-order) announcement.
      • Many other photos of the Collection.