The Doom Of Gotrek Gurnisson (UnPublished, by William King)



  • A book never published!
  • By William(Bill) King.
  • Notes :
    • As anybody can understand while reading William King’s interviews there are A LOT OF THINGS considering Gotrek & Felix in future releases (not by William King) but also in the Warhammer: The End Times storyline! Maybe Games Workshop/Black Library had somehow ‘spoken’ with William King or read his thoughts/interviews before they stopped their association. Because, there are a lot of things that in Kinslayer (mostly) and Slayer (David Guymer said in an interview that they never spoken to him about anything regarding The Doom Of Gotrek Gurnisson) books NOT written by William King, fit perfectly with William King’s books (such as Daemonslayer), i.e. the reader can ‘see’ a small part considering Gotrek’s, Snorri’s, etc past. Also if you see the Gazetteer in (which is similar with Inferno! #36 Gazetteer) and other Gazetteers (in Snorri’s sections) it mentions(not directly) what we learned in Kinslayer book about Snorri’s past (involving Gotrek)…
  • In his introduction to the 2013 edition of Trollslayer(Black Library Classics), William King revealed that :
    • People often ask me how Gotrek Gurnisson dies. I usually give an evasive answer, but the truth is that I have already written his death scene. I did it in the very first version of the very first story of this book, ‘Geheimnisnacht’. If you look closely, you can even see where it happens. There’s a moment where the Slayer (and he was a Slayer a long time before Buffy) goes down beneath a tide of mutants. In the original version of the story, that’s where he dies and Felix has to save himself. Reading over my first draft on that long-ago day some time in 1988, I thought wait a minute, what am I doing? These are great characters. They could run and run.