Red Thirst



  • A Warhammer Anthology novel.
  • The 3rd Anthology book to include a Gotrek & Felix story.
  • Written by Various Writers (novella The Dark Beneath the World is written by William(Bill) King).
  • Editor : David Pringle.
  • It consists of the following novellas (from these only The Dark Beneath the World is a Gotrek & Felix story) :
    • Red Thirst by Jack Yeovil, notable for being a Genevieve the Vampire story.
    • The Dark Beneath the World by William King.
    • The Spells Below by Neil Jone.
    • The Light of Transfiguration by Brian Craig.
    • The Song by Steve Baxter(not republished by the Black Library).
    • The Voyage South by Nicola Griffiths(not republished by the Black Library).
  • Page 93 : Art(painting) : By Kevin Walker.
  • 1st printing : by Games Workshop Books April 1990.
    • 1st printing : ISBN 1-872372-07-4.
  • 2nd Printing : by Boxtree in March 1995.
  • Gotrek & Felix are mentioned in the back cover.
  • William(Bill) King is mentioned in the back cover.
  • Notes :
  • In his introduction from the 2019 edition of Trollslayer(20th Anniversary Edition), William King revealed that :
    • More stories were written for the GW Books anthologies – ‘Wolf Riders’ was the title story of one of the collections. ‘The Dark Beneath the World’ was written so that the original cover illustration from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1986 edition) could be used as a cover for that anthology. That idea fell through but it does explain why the supporting characters in the story have the same names as some of the miniatures in that old rulebook – the ones for the characters on the covers.
  • Note :
    • This post includes only what has to do with it and not the whole interviews, intros, etc.