Lord Of Undeath



  • A short story by William King.
  • Originally published inĀ Warhammer Armies : Undead (for 4th Edition) in May 1994.
  • Released in digital format as a part of an ebundle by Black Library in 2013 titled Myths And Legends.
  • Also in this bundle the following short stories :
  • Can be found in the following books/releases :
  • Notes :
    • The cover is from the digital release (eBundle Myths And Legends) by Winona Nelson.
    • Same cover as : The Second Omnibus(3rd edition) (not all, it is cropped and sepia-not with colors) and many more digital releases. Mostly digital short stories/novellas.
    • The original painting cover is also, included without letters / titles.
    • The above stories can be found in numerous (digital) publications (mostly collections) from Black Library.
    • For more info about each of the above short stories check their tag.