Gotrek & Felix – The First Omnibus (3rd edition)



  • The 6th (overall) Omnibus of the series.
  • Cover by Winona Nelson.
  • Contains the first 3 novels of the series, i.e. :
  • Plus the following short stories/novellas :
  • And a Gotrek & Felix Gazeteer.
  • Soft Cover.
  • First published in the UK by Black Library in January 2013.
  • Notes :
    • This edition includes all first 12 novels of the series (3 in every Omnibus), many short stories/novellas and a new Gazeteer.
    • Short stories/novellas which are included in this (3rd edition) Omnibus books are also inside numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check their tag.
    • The cover painting is included without letters / titles.
    • No introduction.
  • Important Note :
    • There is an Editor’s Note (something like an Introduction) considering the continuity of the (short) story Death And Glory! Also, for this matter there is an Introduction in Myths And Legends e-bundle. Introduction(Editor’s Note is named there) about this issue(continuity) is also in The Second Omnibus (3rd edition). It has some minor differences but more or less it is for the same continuity issue. So please read both of them, in order to have a better point of view.
    • Editor’s Note :
      • We have included the previously untitled short story Death and Glory! out of historical interest. Its first and only appearence was in the first edition of the Empire army book, way back in 1993. While it is not the first published G&F story (we believe the honour of this lies with Geheimnisnacht, also included in this collection) it is one of the very earliest, and dates back to when William King was employed by Games Workshop as a staff writer. Eagle-eyed readers will notice that a well-known character appears to die at the end of the story, is this a huge continuity glitch? Well… maybe! We don’t actually see him die, though his death is strongly implied. Maybe this battle has yet to happen or may or not happen – Gotrek & Felix see some pretty strange things as they pass through the Paths of the Old Ones in the novel Giantslayer.
        Finally, when we recovered the file from our archives, we were surprised and delighted to find that the story had a last line, which was somehow missed off the original typeset. So here in all its glory, is the
        Empire story, restored to its former glory, complete with the final line!
        • Note the final line :
          • For now manling. For now.’