Gotrek & Felix – The Fifth Omnibus (4th edition)



  • The 14th (overall) Omnibus of the series.
  • A Warhammer Chronicles Omnibus.
  • Cover by Johan Grenier.
  • Contains the following ‘Continuity-Free’ novels of the series, i.e. :
  • All (‘Continuity-Free’) novels written by Josh Reynolds.
  • Also, the Anthology book : Lost Tales, which contains the following 4 novellas :
  • Plus :
  • First published by Black Library in 21 November 2020.
  • First released as an eBook.
  • Released as a printed book in 26 November 2020.
  • Soft Cover.
  • Notes :
    • The 1st Omnibus edition to be released also an an eBook.
    • This edition includes all first 14 novels of the series and all ‘Continuity-Free’ novels (of the Warhammer Old World ‘era’), an Anthology Book, many short stories/novellas and a Gazeteer.
    • Short stories/novellas which are included in this (4th edition) Omnibus books are also inside numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check their tag.
    • No introduction.