Death And Glory! (Battle of Hauptmansburg)



  • A short story by William King.
  • Originally published in Warhammer Armies : The Empire (for 4th Edition) in January 1993.
  • Battle of Hauptmansburg :
    • This is a fan-based title. In the book(Warhammer Armies : The Empire) it is untitled.
    • This Gotrek & Felix story involves the death of Snorri Nosebiter.
  • Released in digital format as a part of an ebundle by Black Library in 2013 titled Myths And Legends.
  • Also in this bundle the following short stories:
  • Can be found in the following books/releases :
  • Notes :
    • The cover is from the digital release (eBundle Myths And Legends) by Winona Nelson.
    • Same cover as : The Second Omnibus(3rd edition) (not all, it is cropped and sepia-not with colors) and many more digital releases. Mostly digital short stories/novellas.
    • The original painting cover is also, included without letters / titles.
    • The above stories can be found in numerous (digital) publications (mostly collections) from Black Library.
    • For more info about each of the above short stories check their tag.
  • Important Note :
    • There is a continuity issue about this story! First of all in the original Warhammer Armies : The Empire (for 4th Edition) book the are 2 missing sentences in the end of the story: ‘For now manling. For now‘.
    • Also : The First Omnibus(3rd edition) in Editior’s Note (Introduction) :
      • A well-known character appears to die at the end of the story, is this a huge continuity glitch? Well… maybe! We don’t actually see him die, though his death is strongly implied. Maybe this battle has yet to happen or may or not happen – Gotrek & Felix see some pretty strange things as they pass through the Paths of the Old Ones in the novel Giantslayer.
        Finally, when we recovered the file from our archives, we were surprised and delighted to find that the story had a last line, which was somehow missed off the original typeset. So here in all its glory, is the Empire story, restored to its former glory, complete with the final line!
    • Conclusion :
      • Maybe it is NOT a continuity-free story!
    • On the other hand in Myths And Legends Introduction the point is
      • Many strange myths and legends surround the pair. Some are true, and are recounted in the series of novels and short stories available from Black Library. Others, however, are tales told around campfires of the duo appearing in unlikely places at unusual times, tales of heroic battles against impossible odds. Three such stories are presented here, taken from Warhammer supplements of old.
      • Don’t spend time trying to work out where these stories fall into the timeline of the duo’s adventures – they don’t! They are possibilities, echoes of other realities where things went differently and the path walked by Gotrek and Felix was different from the one we know. They are truly myths and legends.
    • Conclusion :
      • Maybe it is a continuity-free story!
  • Of course you can have your own point of view, as Games Worskshop (or maybe William King?) haven’t official stated something final about this!