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  • Ver. 0.69 : (mid of) 2013 – (end of) 2013 . In the middle of 2013 while I was in the local book/rpg store I saw the new(3rd edition) Omnibus and I was surprised seeing that there where some stories in them, unknown to me. Until then, I had no idea about any Gotrek & Felix story, other than the series because the older Omnibus’ I had see where the ones that had no extra stories. I decided to search this better in the near future. First I visit Black Library’s site in order to check all the Omnibus’ books and saw more stories! Because of this I create a text(.txt) file to write their titles.
  • Ver. 0.99 : (end of) 2013 . The stories are many so I, also, write which story is included in which Omnibus.
  • Ver 1 : (most of) 2014 . I decide to take a better ‘look’ in the internet. Quickly I discover warseer site and from it a link to kalevalahammer site. I find not only the old Games Workshops Books(pre – Black Libray) but also much more information about Gotrek & Felix! I am surprised and thrilled because as long as I search I am finding more and more information(apart from the stories)! I decide to search all White Dwarfs from from my archive(and my friends’ also). While writing all this data to my file I realize that a text(.txt) file is now insufficient.
  • Ver. 2 : (end of) 2014 – 12/2017. I upgrade the text file to a Word file. Much more info is added as I begin a very serious and huge research. I decide to find everything about Gotrek & Felix, not only stories. The word file gets bigger and bigger and it is about 70% completed. I am so happy! I inform my family and my friends about this project. Everybody urge me to publish it in the internet. This is a thought in the back of my mind. I think that this file will be very useful to many Gotrek & Felix fans like me. It will help them to read/learn all(I hope!) info I have find in a quick and easy way and not suffering while searching around internet and various sources like me. One of my friends is John ‘Kourou’ that happens to know how to create sites(that is his job!). He is excited and tells me to make it a WordPress site. I do not know what is this but upon understanding the potential of it I agree!
  • Ver. 2.22 : 01/2017 – 02/2018. I am asking anybody I know for White Dwarf issues I do not have. Little by little I found them all! Now almost 75% of the research is completed! Word file is completed! It is 92 pages long! John asks me to mail it to him. He immediately tells me that word file is a text that nobody (except serious Gotrek & Felix fans) can read! Of course, I agree, so we start further site discussions.
  • Ver 3 : 02/2018 – 07/2018. Research temporally stop in order to create site. Domain names purchase! Starting to put data. About 40 posts later, original site collapses!
  • Ver 4 : 07/2018 – 11/2018. A new site! It is upgraded, safer and much better than the old one(that collapsed). 80% of the research is completed! From now on all new info will be added straight to the site. Start to make a test post -the 1st!- in 07/2018.
  • Ver. 4.9 : 28/11/2018 – 23/01/2019. 85% of the research is completed. I put all the contents(data) from the word file in the WordPress site! This means…..302 posts!
  • Ver. 5 : 23/01/2019 – 04/02/2019. 85% of the research is completed. Link between posts. Recheck all posts and edit if necessary. Creation of pages. Upgrade to WordPress 5. Redesign/retouch/upgrade all pages and site. Plug-ins import.
  • Ver. 6 : 04/02/2019 – 18/02/2019. 90% of the research is completed! I put excerpts / recheck / edit(if necessary) all posts. Erase of all galleries and creation of new, much better, ones. Redesign/retouch/upgrade pages, site and (more) plug-ins.
  • Ver. 7 : 18/02/2019 – 26/02/2019. 95% of research completed! Pages are now in their final form! All images: recheck / edit / caption (in some). Recheck all posts/pages and edit if necessary.
  • Ver. 7.7 : 26/02/2019 – 10/3/2019. More research. Rewrite images’ captions. Recheck all posts/pages and edit if necessary.
  • Ver. 8 : 10/3/2019 – 12/3/2019. Recheck all posts/pages and edit if necessary. Redesign/retouch/upgrade pages, site and plug-ins. At last! Site is published!
  • Ver. 8.1 : 12/03/2019 – 03/2020. I think(!) research is completed! At last! Minor upgrades. New posts. Now, for the 1st time in 7 years nearly all the info is in the site and from now on I will put only new data about Gotrek & Felix!
    • Revisions : each post has at least 6. Most : 200+(TrollSlayer)! Average: 20!
  • I never intended to do all this from the start! My staring goal was to write a ‘memo’ about the titles of all stories. But because the stories where many I wanted to write also, which story was included in which book. But while doing each step I was excited to do a little bit more! And then more! So little by little the project was transformed from a text file to a big WordPress site!
  • Collecting the information started from 2013! It took me thousands of hours and ended in 03/2020. 7 years. 344 posts. 620+ tags. Hundreds of pages.
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