• The 5th novel of the series.
  • The 5th Gotrek & Felix book.
  • Written by William(Bill) King.
    • The 5th Gotrek & Felix novel by William(Bill) King.
  • Cover by Adrian Smith.
  • US edition published by Pocket Books, February 27th 2001.
    • US edition : ISBN 0-7434-1161-7.
  • First published in the USA!
  • UK edition published by the Black Library in March 2001.
    • UK edition : ISBN 1-84154-137-0.
  • RePrinted(2nd Printing) in the UK by Black Library in January 2004.
  • Black Library, also, released it as an eBook.
  • Notes :
    • This book is included in numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check the BeastSlayer tag.
    • Both cover paintings are included without letters / titles.
  • Many fans consider this book as one of the best from the series.