Advanced Slayer Quiz


  • From (William King’s old official site).
  • Note :
    • This post is included because it has fun! And you can,also, check your knowledge!
    • This quiz is for serious readers!
  • By William King.
  • 1. What is the nickname of the Tsarina of Kislev?
    The Ice Queen / The Ice Witch / The White Queen
  •  2. In Daemonslayer, what is Mikal’s Stone used for?
    To check navigation coordinates / To swear an oath on / To check drinking water
  •  3. What tribe do the Tzeentchian wizards Kelmain & Lhoigor belong to?
    Strangeblood / Weirdblood / Darkblood
  • 4. Who do the Knights of the White Wolf serve?
    Count Stephan, Middenheim / Tsarina Katarin, Kislev / Duke Enrik, Praag
  • 5. What is the name of Felix’s sword?
    Kazakital / Karaghul / Thulgul
  • 6. In which Journal did Felix have some poetry published?
    Van Crieffs Anthology / Gottliebs Anthology / Pietrs Anthology
  • 7. What does Ulli Ullison’s tattoo say?
    Live Hard – Die Young / Born to Die / A Slayer’s Life for me
  • 8. What are the Runefangs?
    A range of mountains / A star constellation / A set of magical swords
  • 9. Where was Malakai’s airship built?
    The Lonely Tower / Karak Kadrin / Straghov Mansion
  • 10. What is kept in the Shrine of Grimnir in Slayer City?
    Axe of Grimnir / The Book of Grudges / Hammer of Fate
  • 11. What is the name of the Lost Dwarvish city in the Chaos Wastes?
    Karag Dum / Karak Kadrin / Karak Caraz
  • 12. What is the name of the tavern in Nuln which comes under attack by the Gutter Runners?
    The Broken Pickaxe / The Wulf & Vulture / The Blind Pig
  • 13. Who was the head of the Secret Police in Nuln?
    Fritz Von Halstadt / Wolfgang Krassner / Franz Beckenhof
  • 14. What was the name of the play written by Manfred Von Diehl?
    Weird Fruit / Strange Flower / Strangelove
  • 15. What name was given to the force that Ivan Straghov joined at Mikal Ford?
    The Gospodar Muster / The Gospen Host / The Kislev Muster
  • 16. In Trollslayer, what plant did Felix have to find to help Gotrek recover his memory?
    Sunblossom / Witchweed / Weirdroot
  • 17. What city came under siege by Arek Daemonclaw’s Chaos Horde?
    Middenheim / Praag / Kislev
  • 18. What name did Malakai *originally* want to give the Airship?
    The Invincible / Spirit of Adventure / The Unstoppable
  • 19. Name the dwarf merchant who funded the expedition to the Chaos Wastes?
    Oleg Goldbeater / Olgar Goldgrabber / Oli Sharpnose
  • 20. In the Gotrek/Snorri speed drinking contest, the winner was the first to….?
    10 Flagons of Ale / 15 Flagons of Ale / 20 Flagons of Ale