A Place Of Quiet Assembly


Writer(s)John Brunner
MediumPrinted, Digital
PublisherBlack Library


  • A novella by John Brunner.
  • A note from Hammer And Bolter regarding John Brunner :
    • He sadly died in 1995 but he wrote the story ‘A Place Of Quiet Assembly‘ in the early 90s! And this story was sitting in various hard drives for 2 decades! It is believed that this is the last remaining unpublished story of him!
  • Published by Black Library.
  • Originally published in Hammer And Bolter #1 in October 2010.
  • Only in digital format as a stand alone release.
  • Digital format cover by Winona Nelson.
  • Can be found in the following books/magazines :
  • Notes :
    • The cover is from the digital release.
    • Same cover as : The Anthology and many more digital releases. Mostly digital short stories/novellas.
    • The original painting cover is also, included without letters / titles.