William King’s Interview (from civilian-reader.blogspot.gr)



  • From http://civilian-reader.blogspot.gr.
  • Uploaded in 2011.
  • Note :
    • This post has only parts that have something to do with Gotrek & Felix, not necessarily all the interview.
  • You created the fan-favourite heroes Gotrek & Felix, before the series was taken over by Nathan Long. How did the two characters come about?
    • It all started something like 23 years ago if I am not mistaken. In my misspent youth I used to play a lot of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I noticed that trollslayers were a very popular character type and I thought their image was really original and striking. When I was involved with Games Workshop’s first book line, a trollslayer seemed like an obvious and interesting hero. Felix was there to provide contrast and humanize a fairly inhuman character.In my original version of the first published story, Geheimnisnacht, Felix was the only survivor. Gotrek died in the climactic fight and thus achieved his doom. I looked at it and thought, What the hell am I doing, there is a series in these characters! The rest is history.
  • How did it feel to have another author adopt them after writing them for so long? Do you ever miss writing them?
    • I can’t honestly say the idea of somebody else writing Gotrek and Felix thrills me. From Games Workshop’s perspective it was an understandable commercial decision – they are very, very popular characters. I don’t particularly miss writing them at the moment since there’s a whole lot else going on in my life. I am very fond of them still.