Inferno! #36



  • Published by Black Library in 28th April 2003.
  • RePrinted as Classic Inferno! #36 in November 2020.
  • The 5th magazine to include a Gotrek & Felix story.
    • First magazine to include a Gotrek & Felix story since Inferno! #11(1999).
  • Edited by Christian Dunn.
  • Special Issue!
  • Must have for every William King – Gotrek & Felix fan!
  • Whole issue of Inferno! #36, is dedicated to William King’s writing creations, especially Gotrek & Felix!
  • So Gotrek & Felix appear, almost everywhere!
  • Note : when ”….” appear it means that this section does not contain any thing about the duo).
  • Cover : by Greg Staples, called Goblinslayer(it is written in the credits).
  • Page 1 : Editorial : by Christian Dunn & William King.
  • In William King’s own words (from page 1 : Editorial) :
    • It’s been almost 15 years since I sat down to write Geheimnisnacht, the first ever Gotrek and Felix story.
      They have appeared in anthologies, novels, Warhammer supplements and now a comic strip!
      They have even been turned into
      miniatures, and shown-up on T-shirts and Watches and even briefly in a computer game(I cannot tell you how surprised i was to encounter Gotrek in Shadow of the Horned Rat).
      What I set out to do that long gone day was to write a tale about two adventures let loose in the Warhammer world. Back then I wanted to catch the atmosphere of that dark, ultra-violent yet often strangely humorous place. I still do.
  • Conclusions :
  • Page 2 : Contents : Gotrek & Felix, of course, appear!
  • Page 3 : Redhand’s Daughter painting by Des Hanley.
  • Pages 4-32 : Redhand’s Daughter novella by William King.
  • Pages 8, 13, 16, 17, 20, 25 : Redhand’s Daughter novella (when every chapter ends) : It has a part of Beastslayer cover art by Adrian Smith in black and white. Not all the painting(it is cropped), a part of it(that has Gotrek & Felix).
  • Page 33 : Giantslayer advertisement (whole page).
  • Pages 34-36 : William King’s Interview by Matt Ralphs. Of course Gotrek & Felix are mentioned! And readers can learn many things about them! For more details check Interview(from Inferno! 36) post.
  • Page 34 : William King’s interview : Background : Giantslayer cover in black and white, by Geoff Taylor.
  • Page 35 : William King’s interview : Background : Trollslayer(2nd printing) cover in black and white, by Geoff Taylor.
  • Page 36 : William King’s interview : Background : Skavenslayer(2nd printing) cover in black and white, by Geoff Taylor.
  • Pages 37-42 : The Siege Of Praag : The second siege of the Kislevite stronghold, as seen though the eyes of the city inhabitants. It has something like correspondence (mails with sketches) and a comic strip describing the siege of Praag. Art & words by Ralph Horsley.
  • Page 42 : Gotrek is mentioned.
  • Page 42 : A Gotrek painting by Ralph Horsley. Not all the painting(it is cropped).
  • Pages 45- 52 : Comic : Where Slayer’s Dare (a Gotrek & Felix adventure) :  Script by William King. Art by Roman Sydor.
  • Pages 55-65 : A Gotrek & Felix Gazetteer: Compiled by Angela McIntosh and Robert Clark. Based on material originally presented at Art Paul Jeacock & Karl Kopinski.
  • Page 56 : Felix ! Also a painting by either Paul Jeacock or Karl Kopinski.
  • Page 57 : Gotrek! Also a painting by either Paul Jeacock or Karl Kopinski.
  • Back Cover : Gotrek & Felix are mentioned. Of course William King is mentioned!
  • Of course, both Front and Back covers have something to do with Gotrek & Felix!
  • Notes :