Death & Dishonour


Writer(s)Various Writers, Nathan Long
MediumPrinted, Digital, eBook
PublisherBlack Library


  • Published by Black Library in 2010.
  • The 5th Anthology book to include a Gotrek & Felix story.
  • Simultaneously released in both digital and printed formats.
  • An anthology of stories. From these only Red Snow is a Gotrek & Felix story.
  • Edited by Alex Davis, Nick Kyme and Lindsey Priestley.
  • Includes τhe following short stories/novellas :
    • Red SnowNathan Long.
    • The Assassin’s Dilemma – David Earle.
    • Rest Eternal – Anthony Reynolds.
    • The Miracle at Berlau – Darius Hinks.
    • Noblesse Oblige – Robert Earl.
    • The Last Ride of Heiner Rothstein – Ross O’Brien.
    • Broken Blood – Paul Kearney.
    • The Judgement of Crows – Chris Wraight.
    • Wolfshead – C.L Werner.
  • Notes :
    • In the printed version only, there is a mention of Gotrek & Felix in the front cover! Another fact that prove its popularity!
    • Cover is NOT Gotrek & Felix so the artist is not mentioned.
    • Red Snow novella is included in numerous other (printed and digital) omnibus, collections, bundles, etc. For more details check its tag.